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Hamsik Semilly

Bay gelding born in 2017
Qlassic Bois Margot x Diamant de Semilly x Apache d'Adriers x Uriel

His dam is the full sister of several showjumping winners like the SF stallion Rock'N Roll Semilly, placed in GP CSIO5* (3rd in La Baule 2015) after having been sacred Champion of France of the 4 YO and of the 6 YO.
Their grand-dam, Oriele de la Mare, Champion of France of the 6 YO, also proved her potential at the highest level (ISO 150).

Hamsik Semilly - CIR 6 YO St Lô 2023

Hamsik Semilly - 6 YO Notre Dame d'Estrées 2023


Bay mare born in 2017, 1,66m
Comme Il Faut x Diamant de Semilly x Quidam de Revel

Her sire, Comme Il Faut, is a son of Cornet Obolensky with the Olympic Champion Ratina. He is himself a great winner in CSI.
The mother of
Hawaii Semilly, Odyssée Semilly, jumped in CSI for Italy before coming back to breeding. Odyssee is also the full sister of the international showjumper and stallion Noowanda Semilly.
Her grand-dam, Fidji de Semilly, is also the sister of Tati du Palis, herself mother of Jaffna de Semilly CSI and the SF stallions Miami de Semilly, Top Gun Semilly and Andiamo Semilly.

********* RESERVED *********

Hawaii Semilly - 6 YO

Hawaii Semilly - Fontainebleau 2022

Heaven Semilly

Grey mare born in 2017, 1,70m
Diamant de Semillyx Calvados Z x Feinschnitt I van de Richter x Almé

Her dam, Celeste Mury Marais, is a filly of the international champion Fleche du Mury Marais with Patrick Mc Entee. It's also the sister of L'Espoir, team bronze medal and 5th in individuals with Ludger Beerbaum at Aachen World Equestrian Games. The brother of Fleche, Falco Z, was also a great international winner in 1,60m classes.

*********** SOLD ***********

Heaven Semilly - 5 YO Auvers

Heaven Semilly - 5 YO Saint Lo

High Five Semilly

Bay gelding born in 2017
Kannan x Dollar du Murier x Muguet du Manoir

Top pedigree with a Top damline !
High Five is the brother of Right Now Semilly (CSI4*). Their mother, Jaffna de Semilly, is also an international showjumping winner like many of her brothers and sisters : Hussah TM, Miami de Semilly, Top Gun Semilly and Andiamo Semilly (SF approved stallions). They all come from a great pur SF damline !

*********** SOLD ***********

High Five Semilly - 5 YO

His Pleasure

SF approved stallion, bay, 1,68m, born in 2017
For Pleasure x Diamant de Semilly x Muguet du Manoir

The mother of His Pleasure Semilly, Alizée Semilly is a filly of Azalée de Mai II who has also produced several showjumping winners, like : Hermes St Lois (CSI with Rodrigo Pessoa, ISO 152), Egerie St Loise (ISO 152), Fleuron St Lois (ISO 152), Icare St Lois (ICC 146), ... You can find all the details of this great damline on the webpage of the SF stallion Banzaï Semilly.

************ SOLD ************

His Pleasure Semilly - 4 YO
Hot Kiss Semilly

Chestnut gelding born in 2017
Malito de Reve x Diamant de Semilly x Quidam de Revel

His dam is a filly of Etoupe II, great showjumping winner, ISO161, who has been sacred Champion of France at 5 YO and also at 6 YO after having seriously injured in a truck accident at 4 YO. She leaves a memorable souvenir in the French show jumping world !
She comes from a wonderful SF bloodline which has produced many great showjumpers like : Cabri du Hequet ISO 150, Dorsay ISO 147 IESO, Grain de Soleil ISO 158, Gypsy du Chanu ISO 150, Alpha D ISO 161, Peluche du Banney ISO 156 IESO, Nade de l'amplière ISO 153, ... On the third generation, we found back the wellknown Kavala from whom comes the Thurin's bloodline !

Hot Kiss Semilly - 5 YO

Hot Kiss Semilly - Saint-Lô 20.07.2022

Houston Semilly

Bay gelding born on 15/08/17
Top Gun Semilly x Apache d'Adriers x Uriel

Houston is the brother of Rock'N Roll Semilly, French Champion of the 4 YO, French Champion of the 6 YO, 2nd of the GP CSI5* of La Baule in 2015, SF approved stallion already ranked among the best stallions in France.
They come from a great damline which has produced several showjumping winners and their grand-dam, Oriele de la Mare was also sacred French Champion of the 6 YO.

Houston Semilly - 5 YO Auvers

Houston Semilly - 5 YO Sartilly


Bay mare born in 2017
Cornet Obolenski x Diamant de Semilly x Canturo

Full sister of the SF approved stallion Grimsky Semilly. Their dam, View of Semilly is a grand-filly of the wellknown Wanda, CSIO showjumping mare under the saddle of Ludger Beerbaum and Rodrigo Pessoa. Wanda has also produced some approved stallions like : Away Semilly (SF) or Plutot de Beaufour (sBs) and many international winner like : Quisas Diamant, Balalaika de Ligny, etc. Damline of Graciella (CSI5* Janika Sprunger)

************ SOLD ************

Hypnotic Semilly - Championships of Normandy of the 4 YO jumpers

Hypnotic Semilly - 5 YO






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