SF also approved MIPAAF - Bay - 1,68 m (16,2hh) - 2007 - BSO +9(0,90) - ISO 141
Breeder : Richard Levallois (Normandy)
Owned by S.C.E.A. Levallois - Haras de Couvains - 50680 Couvains



Handsome stallion with a beautiful head, knowing look and a long neck,
Top Gun Semilly has a lot of blood, suppleness, above average basic gaits,
a stable mind and great jumping abilities.
He was placed 3rd of the 6YO French Championships, 2nd stallion, ELITE and then jumped international classes. He is also already placed among the best sires of young jumpers in France and his products are easy to market for CSO, eventing or hunters. All bay, chic, well built, full of energy, they move very well
and are stunning in jumping classes.




Son of the famous Quidam de Revel with a great holsteiner damline :
His 1st dam, Wella I, has also produced : Diana IV (dam of the great international winner Conduct with Conor Swail) ; Flandia (dam of the good international showjumpers Coloredo with Markus Renzel and Cadillac with Eric Navet, ISO 162) ; Ornella (Champion of France at 6 YO and then great internationale winner with Daniel Deusser) ; ...
His 2nd dam, Lyrik, has also produced : Lantaan Holsteiner stallion ; Traumfee (2nd dam of the international winner Carnaval La Silla with Susanne Behring) ; Zisterne 2nd dam of the stallions Caesar van de Helle (sire of numerous international showjumpers like Cooper Van de Heffinck), Cezaro good international winner and Quinault great international winner with Mikael Forsten, ...
His 3rd dam, Flandia, has also produced : Literat private stallion ; Odine (dam of the great international winner Operette La Silla with Jan Tops and 2nd dam of the stallion Clintino) ; Padura (2nd dam of the stallions Cordoba VDL and Caricello) ; Sultanin (2nd dam of the stallion Quebec) ; Umberto private stallion ; Zita IX (mother of the stallions Carbonnieux Van de Helle and Libertus).
His damline is the n°504 in the Holsteiner studbook where also come from the stallion New Time very good CSI winner and the international showjumpers : Eurocommerce New Orleans (Gerco Schröder), Candy (Alois Pollman-Schweckhorst), ...


Quaprice BoisMargot
his sire

Quaprice BoiMargot (ex. Quincy) was 6th of the 7YO French Championships in 2005, then he began an internationalcarreer : 3rd of the GP Sires Of The World in Lanaken, 3rd of Dinard GP CSI**, 7th of Amiens GP, ... In 2008, with Julien Epaillard, he is placed 10th of La Baule CSIO***** GP before died too early ...

Quaprice BoiMargot (ex. Quincy) began breeding in France in 2004 and has already produced the stallions Rissoa d'Ag Champion of France of the 3YO stallions in 2008 ISO 170, Ready Boy des Forets ISO 144, Regent de Montsec ISO 150, Ricore Courcelle ISO 160, Sam du Challois ISO 162, Shampagne Batilly Champion of France of the 3YO stallions in 2009 ISO 146, Strangelove Ennemmel ISO 146, Sublim des Grezils ISO 142, Bears étalon KWPN, ... and the showjumpers Rapsodie du Godion 9th of the French Championship for 5 YO Mares ISO 139, Don Vito CSI5*, VDL Groep Quatro CSI5*, Ratina d'la Rousserie ISO 168, Reflet d'Azif ISO 150, Robin d'Epic ISO 157, Rosalie Divine ISO 155, Sangria du Coty ISO 164, Solitude au Vent ISO155, Talisman de Mazure ISO 157, Une Etoile d'Elle ISO 150, Uqualin du Saulcy ISO 155 ...

TATI DU PALIS, his 1st dam
has also produced 4 others stallions and many performers :

1991 Duplex de Semilly, SF approved stallion
1997 Jaffna de Semilly, ISO 165

Right Now Semilly, ISO 154, CSI5*

2007 Tiptop de Jaffna, ISO 118
2009 Vibrato Semilly, ISO 136
2010 Airway Semilly, ISO 110
1998 Kesako de Semilly, SF approved stallion exported to Ecuador
2000 May Be de Semilly, ISO 112
2000 Miami de Semilly, SF approved stallion, ISO 140, CSI
2000 Millenium de Semilly, ISO 112
2002 Olympic Girl Semilly, ISO 120
2003 Papaye Semilly, exported to South Corea
2006 Sunflower Semilly, ISO 116
2006 Sunset Semilly, ISO 111
2006 Sunshine Semilly, ISO 118
2007 Hussah T.M. (ex. Tia Semilly), CSI England
2011 Khaled O.L., CSI (1,45m)
2007 Tip Top Semilly, CSI Switzerland
2007 Top Ten Semilly, CSI 140
2007 Topaze Semilly, ISO 116
2012 Carlo M'Aurea, ISO 118
2010 Andiamo Semilly, ISO 141, SF approved stallion
4YO French Champion

Jaffna de Semilly - Top Gun's sister - CSI

Miami de Semilly - Top Gun's brother - stallion

Tip Top Semilly -full sister of Top Gun Semilly

Andiamo Semilly - Top Gun's brother - stallion

Noowanda Semilly - Top Gun's uncle - CSI

LONGITUDE, his 2nd dam, has also produced :


1981 Prima de Fontenay
1985 Tara de Fontenay
1989 Baron de Fontenay, ISO 140
1991 Domino de Fontenay, ISO 133
1992 Energie II, ISO 113
1984 Silhouette du Palis
2000 Miss du Dun, ISO 131
2002 Ouragan du Dun, ISO 112
2004 Quirina du Dun, ISO 122
2006 Samba du Dun, ISO 115
1986 Ulyssa du Palis
1993 Fougere II, ISO 135
1994 Gauloise V, ISO 115
2002 Olindo des Blés, ISO 122
1993 Fidji de Semilly
1998 Kirios de Semilly, IE SO Spain, ISO 121
1999 Luciole de Semilly, ISO 123
2005 Rafiki du Vercol, ISO 116
2006 Scandale du Vercol, ISO 119
2007 Toccata du Vercol, ISO 123
2010 Atropine du Vercol, ISO 111
2012 Copelia du Vercol, ISO 123
2001 Noowanda Semilly, IE SO Switzerland, ISO 145
2002 Odyssee Semilly, IE SO Italy
2012 Caraibes Semilly, ISO 128
2003 Philadelphia Semilly, ISO 131
2008 Uganda Semilly, ISO 123
2009 Vahinée Semilly, ISO 136
1995 Héroïne de Semilly, ISO 119
2010 Amarula du Cerf, ISO 126
1998 Kamares de Semilly, ISO 118
1993 Leader de Semilly, ISO 120


CAP DU FRESNE, his 3rd dam, by the famous thoroughbred Rantzau xx, has also produced :

1976 Kozyr, ISO 140


The mother line of Cape du Fresne has also produced numerous winners like : Orator II ICC 151, …

Hussah T.M. (ex. Tia Semilly), his sister - CSI England


In 2017, Top Gun Semilly is regularly placed with Alexis Gautier : 2nd of La Hague Grand Prix CSI2* where he also ranked 8th in a 1,40m class, 3rd of Deauville GP CSI2*, 3rd of Les Pieux GP Pro2, 6th of a 1,40m class in Le Touquet CSI3*, 10th of Le Mans GP Pro1, 14th of Cabourg GP Pro2, etc.

Top Gun Semilly - 2nd GP CSI Greville 2017

Top Gun Semilly - 3rd GP CSI Deauville 2017

Top Gun Semilly - CSI Lummen 2016

In 2014, Top Gun Semilly is placed in 7YO Grand Prix 7 ans in Oliva CSI2*, 3rd in Choczewo CSI2*.

In 2013, Top Gun finishes 3rd of the French 6YO males Championships, 2nd stallion, ranked ELITE ! In 2012, he realized an excellent showjumping season : he has been placed 1st of his generation for a long time, 18 clear rounds out of 19, double clear round in the finals in Fontainebleau and leading sire of the 5YO French Championships he has unfortunately lost the title on the last fence ... He didn't deserve it after such a great season, but in no way detracts from his merit. He is anyway 2nd of the 5YO Stallions Masters during the Selle Français Days in october ridden for the first time by a new rider !
 ISO 1

In 2011, Top Gun Semilly has been qualified easily for the 4YO french championships and is double clear-round in the finals. He placed Elite and is 8th of the 4YO French Championships.

3rd of the French 3 YO Stallions Championships, Top Gun Semilly has been approved SF stallion. His qualities have been unanimously appreciated by the jury of the stallion test and he was one the most appreciated stallion of this approbation.


For more news, pictures and videos, click on : webstallions


Top Gun Semilly's offspring is well indexed in showjumping classes : Cactus du Paute ISO111, Caïd de Seves ISO120, California Dreams ISO116, Calista du Luot ISO117, Calypso de Bethune ISO111, Capucine des Ailes ISO111, Carapuce Belmanière ISO113, Carl de Montplaisir ISO114, Carlina d'Ariel ISO111, Carlton Sam ISO111, Chavalounza ISO110, Chelsea Semilly ICC127, Cherman de l'Abbaye ISO125, Ciao Bella du Vanda ICC120, Cigale les Parts ISO121, City de Quine ISO111, Cookie de Courcel ISO113, Cooper de l'Epine ISO110, Corthano de Ferval ISO 114, Coup de Coeur Dudevin ISO119, Darling des Orcets ISO 115, Demoiselle de Vaudri ISO114, Djump du Hamel ISO118, etc.

Top Gun Semilly's offspring has also great results in eventing : Ciao Bella du Vanda ICC120 Champion of France 2017 of the young horses classes riden by amators, Chelsea Semilly ICC127, 15th of the French 5 YO eventers - Pompadour 2017.

He begins breeding in 2011. With 140 mares covered for his first breeding season, Top Gun is a highly rated stallion ! and the breeders have been right to trust him because his first offspring is magnificent ! Good looking, full of blood, powerful, flying when they move themselves with a good balance and strong hindquaters …
In 2012, they are already well placed in foals shows, like : 
Cygnus de la Fosse 1st of the old males in St James, Calypso de Bethune 1st of the old males in Ste Mère l'Eglise and 2nd of the regional show in Saint Lô, Calista du Luot 2nd of the young females in St James, Cristal de Brion 3rd of the old males in Gavray, Elvis des Prés 3rd of the SF Foals Championships 2014, Fabio des Prés 2nd of the SF Foals Championships 2015, ...

Caravelle de l'Abbaye
Top Gun Semilly x Diamant de Semilly

Chelsea Semilly
Top Gun Semilly x Eyken des Fontenis

Ciao Bella du Vanda (Top Gun x Le Tot de Semilly)
Championne de France 2017 complet cycles libres 2

Cézanne de l'Abbaye
Top Gun Semilly x Le Tot

Feeling D'Begor
Top Gun Semilly x Jazz Band Courcelle

Calenda du Trefle (4 ans)
Top Gun Semilly x Royal Feu

Coeurly du Barsac
Top Gun x Pythagoras tf

Chelsea Semilly
Top Gun Semilly x Eyken des Fontenis

Cherman de l'Abbaye
Top Gun Semilly x Parco

Houston Semilly
Top Gun Semilly x Apache d'Adriers

Djump du Hamel
Top Gun Semilly x Papillon Rouge

Chelsea Semilly (4 ans)
Top Gun Semilly x Eyken des Fontenis


Chippeur du Bocage
Top Gun Semilly x Brandy de la Cour

Chippeur du Bocage
Top Gun Semilly x Brandy de la Cour

Dalvina Menjoulet
Top Gun x Diamant

Caravelle de l'Abbaye
Top Gun Semilly x Diamant de Semilly

Chelsea Semilly (5 ans)
Top Gun Semilly x Eyken des Fontenis

El Ninio d'Abzac
Top Gun x Umour du Fenaud

Donna Bella Blue
Top Gun Semilly x Digne Espoir

Delia Dear
Top Gun Semilly x Slaney xx


Ciao Bella du Vanda (Top Gun x Le Tot de Semilly)
Championne de France 2017 complet cycles libres 2

Easton de Bieville
Top Gun Semilly x Elfe de B'neville

Cybele de la Mazure
Top Gun Semilly x Rosire

Gaia du Plessi
Top Gun x Lieu de Rampan

Fabio des Pres
Top Gun x Orgueil du Donjon

Top Gun Semilly x Almé

Carlton du Logis
Top Gun Semilly x Saphir du Riou

Calypso de Bethune
Top Gun x Lambada van Berkenbroek

Ciao Bella du Vanda
Top Gun x Le Tot de Semilly

Djumandji de l'If
Top Gun Semilly x Verdi

Django des Equus
Top Gun Semilly x Bibrahim du Moulin

Dream de Couvains
Top Gun S. x Diamant de S.

Elstar de l'Abbaye
Top Gun Semilly x Diamant de Semilly

Dewton du Barsac
Top Gun x Newton de Kreisker

Caravelle de l'Abbaye
Top Gun Semilly x Diamant de Semilly

Dream de Couvains
Top Gun S. x Diamant de Semilly

Dragon Ball Semilly
Top Gun Semilly x Eyken des Fontenis

El Ninio d'Abzac
Top Gun Semilly x Umour du Fenaud

Djoker Sodh
Top Gun Semilly x Tresor de Cheux

Fugees de Kerven
Top Gun x Idole de Quelennec

Carole's Top Rose
Top Gun Semilly x Robin II Z

Ciamant de Couvains
Top Gun Semilly x Diamant de Semilly


Galys de l'Abbaye
Top Gun Semilly x Diamant de Semilly

Fiona de l'Abbaye
Top Gun Semilly x Diamant de Semilly


Hop Tum Boy
Top Gun Semilly x Voltaire


Coming from the great Quaprice and a top damline with the thoroughbred Rantzau 2 times, Top Gun Semilly brings to his offspring : his energy, his beauty, an excellent canter and a good mind, which makes him easy to cross to produce jumpers, eventers or hunters.
His products are w
ell built, handsome and full of energy. They move very well with a good balance, strong hind quarters and top jumping abilities.

Top Gun is homozygote and then doesn't produce chestnut horse.




You can bring your mare to France for being inseminated. In this case, the stud fee is divided in two parts :

2018 conditions : 300 euros at reservation + 450 euros if the mare is pregnant (Live Foal Guarantee)

At Haras de Semilly, the inseminations and scans are included.

It is also possible to send frozen semen to another french AI center (shipping costs to add).

Towards foreign countries, we can send you the semen directly or through our brokers if there is one who works for us in your country. For all information, feel free to contact us by email : contact@semilly.com

The doses' quality is certified by Eurogen and Top Gun Semilly's semen presents an exceptional fertility rate.



ISO : Showjumping Index
ICC : Eventing Index
IDR : Dressage Index
IE : exported horses ranked in international classes CSI /CSIO / CSIW
100 to 120 : Good
120 to 140 : Very Good
140 to 160 : Excellent
160 and more : The Best