SF stallion Eligible to the young male genetic SF program
Chestnut - 1,72 M - 2011 - BSO +14(0.61) - ISO 134
Breeder : Richard Levallois (Normandy)
Owned by S.C.E.A. Levallois - Haras de Semilly - 50680 Couvains



Banzaï has all the qualities to become a top showjumper : a fantastic balance, a wonderful canter, strong hocks, energy, top rideability, great suppleness and a very good showjumping technique. Banzaï also presents an excellent conformation and a very good pedigree as a son of Quaprice crossed with a damline which has produced several international showjumping winners. Thus, Banzaï should have a lot to contribute to the sport horses breeding as a stallion  !




Son of the famous Quidam de Revel with a great holsteiner damline :
His 1st dam, Wella I, has also produced : Diana IV (dam of the great international winner Conduct with Conor Swail) ; Flandia (dam of the good international showjumpers Coloredo with Markus Renzel and Cadillac with Eric Navet, ISO 162) ; Ornella (Champion of France at 6 YO and then great internationale winner with Daniel Deusser) ; ...
His 2nd dam, Lyrik, has also produced : Lantaan Holsteiner stallion ; Traumfee (2nd dam of the international winner Carnaval La Silla with Susanne Behring) ; Zisterne 2nd dam of the stallions Caesar van de Helle (sire of numerous international showjumpers like Cooper Van de Heffinck), Cezaro good international winner and Quinault great international winner with Mikael Forsten, ...
His 3rd dam, Flandia, has also produced : Literat private stallion ; Odine (dam of the great international winner Operette La Silla with Jan Tops and 2nd dam of the stallion Clintino) ; Padura (2nd dam of the stallions Cordoba VDL and Caricello) ; Sultanin (2nd dam of the stallion Quebec) ; Umberto private stallion ; Zita IX (mother of the stallions Carbonnieux Van de Helle and Libertus).
His damline is the n°504 in the Holsteiner studbook where also come from the stallion New Time very good CSI winner and the international showjumpers : Eurocommerce New Orleans (Gerco Schröder), Candy (Alois Pollman-Schweckhorst), ...


Quaprice Boimargot
Quaprice BoiMargot

Quaprice BoiMargot (ex. Quincy) was 6th of the 7YO French Championships in 2005, then he began an internationalcarreer : 3rd of the GP Sires Of The World in Lanaken, 3rd of Dinard GP CSI**, 7th of Amiens GP, ... In 2008, with Julien Epaillard, he is placed 10th of La Baule CSIO***** GP before died too early ...

Quaprice BoiMargot (ex. Quincy) began breeding in France in 2004 and has already produced the stallions Rissoa d'Ag Champion of France of the 3YO stallions in 2008 ISO 170, Ready Boy des Forets ISO 144, Regent de Montsec ISO 150, Ricore Courcelle ISO 160, Sam du Challois ISO 162, Shampagne Batilly Champion of France of the 3YO stallions in 2009 ISO 146, Strangelove Ennemmel ISO 146, Sublim des Grezils ISO 142, Top Gun Semilly ISO 141, Bears étalon KWPN, ... and the showjumpers Rapalo ISO 145, Rapsodie du Godion 9ème du Championnat de France des juments de 5 ans ISO 139, Don Vito CSI5*, VDL Groep Quatro CSI5*, Ratina d'la Rousserie ISO 168, Reflet d'Azif ISO 150, Repression'Quill ISO 145, Rethel d'Uriat ISO 142, Ria Brulaire ISO 148, Robin d'Epic ISO 157, Rocco Hoy ISO 142, Rolex du Lavoir ISO 144, Rosa de Cordrac ISO 142, Rosalie Divine ISO 155, Rosso Antico ISO 148, Roumia ISO 148, Rutica de Perhet ISO 147, Sangria du Coty ISO 164, Secrète du Sartel ISO 140, Solitude au Vent ISO 155 ; Sublim des Grezils ISO 142, Succes du Sartel ISO 142, Suleika d'Argouges ISO 140, Talisman de Mazure ISO 157, Tana Lanleya ISO 145, Tarantino Batilly ISO 140, Tenor de Kergane ISO 144, Tequila d'Epte ISO 143, Terceira ISO 151, Toccata de Terlong ISO 155, Tore de Longuenee ISO 142, Trafalgar Kervec ISO 153, Traoumad d'Isle ISO 141, Twix d'Or ISO 140, Tzarus de Rima ISO 147, Ultrachic de Charmois ISO 150, Umours Batilly ISO 151, Uncle Sam ISO 146, Une Etoile d'Elle ISO 150, Unetoile de la Serre ICC 149, Upsala de Cartigny ISO 143, Uqualin du Saulcy ISO 162, Urfée de Cene ISO 145, Ushuaia du Thot ISO 146, Uzi de la Beka ISO 146, Vertige de Galarzacs ISO 144, Very Special Farmer ISO 142, Viking D'La Rousserie ISO 154, Vincy de Beau Presage ISO 148, Vivaldi du Theil ISO 155, Abricot Ennemmelle ISO 147, Backstage du Landel ISO 144, Be mine d'Authuit ISO 145, Buisness du lavoir ISO 140, Butterfly Ennemmel ISO 143, Cape Cod du Landel ISO 142, Coatao de L'Isle ISO 140...


AZALEE DE MAI II, his dam, has also produced many performers and stallions :

1992 Egerie St Loise, ISO 152
  2004 Quinto de Garenne, ISO 131
1993 Fleuron St Lois, ISO 144, CSI 140, SF approved stallion
1995 Hermes St Lois, ISO 152, CSI 155, SF approved stallion
1996 Icare St Lois, ISO 146, National Stallion
1997 Jazalee Saint Loise
2001 Nouba A Batilly, ISO 138, CSI 140, SF approved stallion
2004 Quinoa Batilly
2011 Bon Perignon Batilly, ISO 131
1998 Kheops St Lois, ISO 138, SF approved stallion
2000 Messire St Lois, ISO 130
2001 Nereis St Lois, ISO 122
2001 Nymphe St Loise
2004 Quatre Epices Batilly, ISO 130
2002 Oedipe St Lois, ISO 127
2003 Phebus St Lois, ISO 121
2004 Qazale St Lois, ISO 129
2004 Qhermes St Loise, ISO 131
2007 Thesee St Lois, ISO 120
2007 Tea Time Semilly, ISO 121
2010 Alizee Semilly, ISO 125
2010 Azteq Semilly, ISO 130
2010 Azzaro Semilly, ISO 130


FLEUR DE MAI, his 2nd dam, has also produced :

1976 Kiss de Mai , ISO 112
1983 Rampe de Mai, ISO 132
1993 Fleur de l'Etang, ISO 128
1980 Osiere de Mai
  1988 Absalon, ISO 166, étalon agréé
1981 Premier Mai III, ISO 139
1984 Soir de Mai III
1990 Claudanum Devordes, ISO 122
1992 Ebcot d'Evordes, ISO 134, SF approved stallion
1993 Fidam d'Evordes, ISO 138
1998 Kronos d'Evordes, ISO 148
2007 Toscane d'Evordes, CSI 140
2008 Ultime d'Evordes, CSI 140
1985 Treve de Mai
1989 Beau Reve de Mai, ISO 133
1993 Fleur de Mai II
2000 Milton de Flobecq, ISO 147, CSI 160
1994 Gazelle de Mai, ISO 139
1998 Katarina de Mai, ISO 151
1999 Lilas de Mai, ISO 123
2002 Orchidee de Mai, ISO 124
2005 Roze de Mai
2002 Casting de la Wantz , ISO 132
1987 Vigne de Mai, ISO 120
1995 Harmonie d'Helby, ISO 122
1996 Ivan d'Helby, ISO 129
1997 Jouvence d'Helby, ISO 125
  2007 Tresor d'Helby, ISO 144, CSI 140, SF approved Stallion
1989 Bravade d'Evordes
1994 Galilee d'Evordes, ISO 123
1996 Iris d'Evordes
2001 Nostress d'Evordes, ISO 142
1999 Land d'Evordes, ISO 126


PREMIERE DE MAI, his 3rd dam, has also produced :

1963 Telstar
1969 Dolores
1982 Quartz du Vallon, ISO 154, CSI 160, étalon agréé
1983 Real Star II
1992 Elu de la Hardiere, ISO 136, CSI 160, étalon agréé
1993 For de la Hardiere, ISO 169, CSI 160, étalon agréé
1971 Floridor A, ISO 129
1970 Esmeralda
1978 Mariniere, ISO 132
1979 Niag du Carouge
1991 D'Enfer de Vima
1996 Ideale de Vima
2004 Quarillon du Rocher, CSI 145
1974 Ismailia
1983 Riva Bella IV
1987 Venus de Charmois
1998 Kerry de Bedon, ISO 148, CSI 160
2000 Maya de Charmois
2008 Ultrachic de Charmois, CSI 140
1988 Amour de la Haye, ISO124
1989 Babette de la Haye, ISO 140



Hermes St Lois

Fleuron St Lois


Babette de la Haye

Icare St Lois

Quartz du Vallon

Elu de la Hardiere

For de la Hardiere



 In 2018, Banzaï will be riden by Pénélope Leprevost. She puts a lot of hopes on him. He is especially winner of CSIYH1* Reims (1.25m) and 6th on 1.30m, 10th of CSI1* de Canteleu. 

In 2017, Banzaï qualified easily for the 6 YO Championships of France and has been qualified "VERY PROMISING" by the Selle Français judges.
 ISO 134

Banzai Semilly - 6 YO class

Banzai Semilly - 6 YO class

 Banzaï qualified easily for the 5 YO Championships of France. His showjumping qualities are widely recognized by the professionals who could see in competition.

 ISO 134

Banzai Semilly - 2016




Banzaï Semilly begins breeding in 2017. BSO +14(0,61)

SF stallion Eligible to the young male genetic SF program
qualified "VERY PROMISING" by the Selle Français judges.

Trust the Levallois family experience to have choosen the best promising young stallions. There is no risk to use this genetic !


The use of Banzaï’s young genetic presents limited risk because of the quality of his bloodlines tested with success for several generations. As he provides a complete Diamant and Le Tot lines outcross, Banzaï can be crossed very well with their fillies. Although his full pedigree is based at 60% on thoroughbred, we advise to cross Banzaï with not too big mares far from blood in order to keep producing modern sport horses.

It’s always hard to give crossing advise in the first years of production, especially when the stallion is well built and has so many qualities as Banzaï : a fantastic balance, a wonderful canter, strong hocks, top rideability, great suppleness and a very good showjumping technique.


You can bring your mare to France for being inseminated. In this case, the stud fee is divided in two parts :

2019 conditions : 300 euros at reservation + 300 euros if the mare is pregnant (Live Foal Guarantee)

At Haras de Semilly, the inseminations and scans are included.

It is also possible to send frozen semen to another french AI center (shipping costs to add).

Towards foreign countries, we can send you the semen directly or through our brokers if there is one who works for us in your country. For all information, feel free to contact us by email : contact@semilly.com

The doses' quality is certified by Eurogen and Banzaï Semilly's semen presents a very good fertility rate.




ISO : Showjumping Index
ICC : Eventing Index
IDR : Dressage Index
IE : exported horses ranked in international classes CSI /CSIO / CSIW
100 to 120 : Good
120 to 140 : Very Good
140 to 160 : Excellent
160 and more : The Best