(also approved SF, sBs, SWB, MIPAAF) - Grey - 1,70m (16,7h) - 1999 - BSO +20(0.94) - IE SO
Breeder : Harrie Theeuwes (Netherlands)
Owner : Edouard de Rothschild


With is excellent canter, wonderful technique, unlimited potential, great mind and super bloodline (Darco x Cassini I) Winningmood has a promising future as a stallion.
This talented jumper already proved himself at highest international level with Ludo Philippaerts and Luciana Diniz.


DARCO, his sire :
Great international showjumping winner, he won many World Cup Grand Prix and ended 7th at Barcelone Olympic Games. .
It's a son of Lugano van Laroche, excellent sire in Belgium.
 Darco is one of the Best stallions in Belgium.

1st on the WBFSH Stallion Ranking List

He has produced among the best : Sapphire : 6th Beijing OG and 7th Aachen WEG, Trudo King Darco : Atlanta Olympic Games, Belgium Champion and 5th at St Gall European Championships. He has also produced the stallions : Parco, Ogano Sitte, Non Stop, Klassique du Gué ISO 147, Vesuvius vh Moeshof ISO 150 … and the showjumpers Barbarossa Van Paemel ISO 167, Damascus Van Het Lindehof ISO 153, Eros du Bois Blanc ISO 150, Escape St Ghyvan ISO 150, Insolante ISO 166, Jolly Girl de Kervec ISO 153, Lavande d’Aix ISO 158, Nais de la Pomme ISO 152, Océane du Désert IDR 150, Option d'Auge ISO 151, Oxford d’Esquelmes ISO 169, Patchouli’t Kesterbeekbos ISO 153, Qwintus ISO 151, Val d'Oise de Fauquez ISO 150, Valentino ISO 164, Vesuvius Van Het Moeshof ISO 150, Vital Utopia ISO 155, Widney ISO 150, Wodan ISO 166, …


M. UNELLIE 15, his 1st dam,
is a filly of the wellknown Cassini I which began his career under the saddle of Bo Kristofersen before going to international level with Franke Sloothaak with whom he was ranked 1st in Arnhem GP, 3rd at London CSIW, 5th at S'Hertogenbosh CSIW, 1st of Modena Nations Cup and 2nd at Aix-La-Chapelle, ... He is the sire of the stallions : Cumano BD, World Champion at Aachen WEG in 2006 ; Chef Rouge HN ISO 141 ; Cascado 4 and the international jumpers : Cassandra, Verelst Curtis, Las Palmas, Léa C, Isovlas Olympic, Cascavelle, Carlchen, Cheers Cassini, Eurocommerce Paris, Carino 188, Cassius 28, Calibre, Caretina, Cassino, Caspar 33 ISO 153...

The maternal grand-sire of M. Unellie, Capitol I, coming from the thoroughbred Cottage Son, comes from one of the best Holsteiner damline. He is one of Best stallion in the World, sire of many international jumpers and stallions like : Carthago, Calato, Cassini I, Capital, Cento, C-Indoctro I, C-Indoctro II, Ultimo Van Ter Moude, ...

Cassini I

the mother of Winningmood,
has also produced :

< Chippendale Z, performer stallion


Richi Rich III >
which has been remarked in several CSI with
Guy Williams (in Geneva CSI5* 2010, she won
the six bars jumping 2,08m and then
the puissance jumping 2,22m !).


Great International Winner,
Winningmood is nowadays one of the best showjumpers !

Among his best great results, we can note :
In 2016, he finishes 5th of the Global Champion Tour in Vienna CSI*****.
In 2015 : Winner of Vienna 1,60m CSI***** GP, Winner of Madrid 1,60m CSI***** GP.
In 2014, he takes the 3rd place of the Global Champion Tour in Ebreichsdorf.CSI*****
 In 2013, he finishes 3rd of the Global Champion Tour in Cascais CSI*****
In 2012, he is 3rd of Stuttgart CSI***** World Cup GP.
In 2011, Winningmood has done a great start : 6th of a 1,45m class in Basel CSI*****, 10th of Zurich CSIW***** GP, 6th of Bordeaux CSIW***** . He finishes 2nd of the Global Champion Tour in Cascais CSI*****, 3rd of Oslo CSI***** World Cup GP, 3rd of Wiesbaden CSI**** GP, 4th of Aix la Chapelle CSIO***** GP, etc.
2010 : 6th of Aachen GP CSIO*****, 5th of Bordeaux GP CSI*****, 8th Of Paris GP CSI****, 13th of Chantilly GP CSI***** and clear round after clear round, he is ranked in many World Cup Grands Prix : 4th in Bordeaux, 7th in Göteborg, 8th in S'Hertogenbosch, 12th in Lipsia, 14th in Vigo ! He finishes 4th of the World Cup Final in Geneva. Operated for collics, he unfortunately couldn't go to the WEG ...
 2009 : he begins with Ludo Philippaerts with whom he wins a 1,50m class at S'Hertogenbosch CSIW and is ranked 8th of a 1,50m class and 9th of the World Cup GP in Göteborg. Then he goes on brilliantly with Luciana Diniz : 10th of two World Cup GP in Helsinki and Oslo, 5th and 6th of 1,45m classes at Neeroeteren CSI**, etc.
 2008 : 3rd of Bordeaux CSI**** GP, 2nd of Hasselt CSI*** GP, 5th of Verona CSI*** World Cup GP, 7th of Valkenswaard CSI***** GP, 8th of Estoril CSI***** GP, 11th of Doha CSI***** GP, 11th of La Baule CSIO***** GP, 13th of Hambourg CSI***** GP, Winner of La Baule Nations Cup, Winner of Mechelen CSI***** World Cup GP, Winner of the 1st round at 1,60m of the Global Champion Tour in Sao Paulo CSI*****, Winner of Mechelen World Cup Grand Prix.
 2007 : 7th, 9th and 12th in Vigo CSI** ; 6th of the stallion class and 7th of Hasselt CSI** GP ; 2nd of a 1,40m class in Lummen Spring Tour CSI*** ; Winner of the 1st round of BK Zangersheide in Lanaken.

 At 7 YO : Belgium Champion of the 7 YO at Lummen CSIO***** ; 1st, 4th and 5th in 7 YO classes of Deauville CSI** ; 1st of a 1,35m class in Lummen Springtour CSI*** ; 2nd of the stallion class in Hasselt CSI** ; 3rd of the 7YO class in Paris CSI*****.
At 6 YO : 1st, 4th and 7th of the Youngster Tour of Valkenswaard CSI***** ; 2nd and 5th of the 6 YO q ualifications of Zangersheide WBCSH ; 3rd of the finals of the Youngster Tour and 3 clear-rounds in international classes of Rotterdam CHIO ; clear-round in an international class of Lummen Springtour CSI ; clear-round in an international class of the Youngster Tour Horsefestival in Valkenswaard ;
At 5 YO : Winner of the 5 YO final at the National Jumping of Panhof Peer.
At 4
YO : 6 clear rounds among 7 in the classic belgium cycle.

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He began breeding in France in 2006 and in Belgium in 2003. SF stallion certified "VERY GOOD" for jumping by his BSO +20(0,94).
His first offspring has been remarked in the breeding shows, like General G, who won the 2 YO free jump show at the 2008 Liege CSI****. Two 3 YO males by Winningmood have also been approved as stallions in Belgium : Game-Boy et Gonzales.
The first ones begin to be ranked in France like Fidel Castro vd Withoeve ISO 153, Freedom Van den Doorndonk ISO 145, Furiosa G ISO 121, Gertrude Vd Vriesput ISO 132, Glamour Girl C ICC 121, Gloria ISO 133, Gracieuse ISO 124, Hakon Van de Smeets ISO 124, Happy Boy de Gelivaux ISO 122, Happy Mood Vh Kriekenhof ISO 126, Henna ISO 132, Hermelijn ISO 125, Houla Hop des Carmes ISO 128, Charming Mood du Charmoie ISO 121, Indiana van Dorperheide ISO 124, Ivory C ISO 120, Une Star des Baisses ISO 132, Up Winning ISO 127, Jeanke C ISO 125, Vendredi Biats ICC 159, Venezia du Lys ISO 145, Verronne Naliere ISO 127, Vista Jolly ISO 120, Volnay du Boisdeville ISO 153, Vor Tex ISO 134, Whisper d'Omael Z ISO 133, Winnie the Pooh 111 Z ISO 140, Adiamood de l'Abbaye ISO 128,Aldo du Figuier ISO 138, Amaretto du Surgeon ISO 124, Atoukeur Dorcel ISO 132, Axion de Briand ISO 139, Winnetou de la Hamente Z ISO 121, Wouest de Cantraie Z ISO 124, Baby Girl de Coat Men ISO 122, Be Nice ISO 122, Beautiful de Briand ISO 129, Best Of l'Herbage ISO 134, Bettymood du Genet ISO 127, and show themselves in international classes like Esperanto van het Sonnishof.

Winningmood x Calypso d'Herbiers

pouliche 2009 Haras de l'Est
Winningmood x Quidam de Revel

Fidel Castro vd Withoeve
Winningmood x Prince Royal

Ambre de Bacon
Winningmood x Barbarian

Fidel Castro vd Withoeve
Winningmood x Prince Royal

Winningmood x Kalaska de Semilly

General G
Winningmood x Voltaire

Game Boy
Winningmood x Pavarotti van de Helle

Bettymood de Siju

Winningmood x Le Tot de Semilly

Brams de Fritot
Winningmood x Nantoung

Coconut Semilly
Winningmood x Diamant de Semilly


Winningmood’s qualities are based on his excellent bloodline (Darco x Cassini I), on his strength, his great canter and his mind. We recommend mares with enough length and expressive heads.


Winningmood's semen is for sale 1500 euros for 6 straws (VAT and shipment not included).
If you want to order some straws, thank to send us an email at with :
the number of straws you want to order
the address for the invoice (with a VAT number if there is one)
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