SF stallion Eligible to the young male genetic SF program
SF qualified "
Bay -
1,67 m - 2009 - BSO +
33(0.58) - ISO 156
Breeder :Jérome Aguettaz (Savoie)
Owned by
Federico FERNANDEZ (Mexique)


Impressive by the scope, the carefulness, the smartness and
the fighting spirit
the Champion of France
of the 7 YO 2016
has an exceptional pedigree,
then you won’t hesitate anymore to cross him with your mares !




VIP du Forezan comes from an impressive bloodline made by international showjumping winners and unparalleled breeding stock on each side, with the famous sires : Berlin, Diamant de Semilly, Darco, Jalisco B and the great dams : Queen Girl Kervec (1,60m), Jolly Girl de Kervec (7YO GP winner), Fragance de Chalus, mother of several champions of which Mylord Carthago was the most famous. It's the fantastic dam line of Ifrane !

BERLIN, his sire :

Great International Winner, Berlin grew up under the saddle of Wim Schrôeder and then Gerco Schrôeder.
He is Champion of Netherlands in 2006, then, the same year, World Champion by team and 6th in individuel at World Equestrian Games. He is also 2nd of the Nation Cup in Dublin. He is ranked 22nd Best World Performer in CSO (ranking list WBFSH 2006). In 2007, he is European Champion by team in Germany, 2nd of the CSIO5* final in Barcelone. In 2008, he is 1st of the Nation Cup of the CSIO of St Gall.

Berlin has also an excellent pedigree.
His Sire, Cassini I, great performer, ranked in the best internationals Showjumping. He also produced several winners in internationals CSO.
His dam, Estia, was a great Champion in CSO.
And his 3rd dam, Ostia, worldly reknown under the name of Frimella, jumped at the top level and from her dam line comes from several winners in international showjumping like Casall. She also produced Lorina II, great international winner.

Berlin is ranked 15th at the World Ranking of Stallions 2016.
Arrived in Stud in France in 2005, Berlin only breed since 2009. He has already produced several stallions like Zilverstar T, CSIO5*, OG of Rio ; Bel Reinhart Z, ISO 152 ; Udson de Jauzif, ISO 158. He also produced great offspring like Story de Preuilly, ISO 156 ; Swinny du Parc, CSI5*, ISO 150 ; Ultra Chic Gravelotte, ISO 140 ; Une Prince, ISO 141 ; Uppsala du Figuier, ISO 147 ; Upton de Gravelotte, ISO 148 ; Ursule du Mazet, ISO 144 ; Utah Beach Un Prince, ISO 141 ; Angeline du Ter, ISO 144, etc...



QUEEN GIRL KERVEC, his dam, Great International winner, ISO 162, by the number one Stallion Diamant de Semilly, has done only two other offspring: Trafalgar Kervec, CSI, ISO 145 and Girl Queen du Forezan, borned in 2016.



JOLLY GIRL DE KERVEC, his 2nd dam, excellent showjumper, ISO 153, has also produced :

2003 Pactole Kervec, ISO 140
2007 Tammouz Kervec, ISO 138
2007 Toy Kervec, ISO 132
2007 Triomphe Kervec, ISO 141, CSIO5*
2008 Upercut Kervec, ISO 131, stallion
2008 Uto Kervec, ISO 127, stallion
2009 Vitot Kervec, ISO 138, stallion


FRAGANCE DE CHALUS, his 3rd dam, performer i CSI, has also produced several performers :

1997 Jolly Mome, CSI5*
1997 Urline de Muze
2000 Ad A Big Boy, CSIO4* GP
2006 Ponsée V, ISO 120, stallion
1998 Valentine de l'Impermeable
2004 Ego van Orti, CSIO5*

Vodka Orange de Muze, IESO

2001 Bacardi Orange de Muze, ISO 123
2002 Sandor de la Pomme, CSI 160
2004 Enjoy Van't Meulenhof, ISO 132
2004 Elouise de Muze, CSI5*
2008 Indi 28, CSI5*
1999 Wait and See de Muze, ISO 130
2000 Arc en Ciel de Muze, ISO 122
2000 Melodie d'Eole, ISO 136
2009 Viking d'Eole, ISO 127
2010 Albator d'Eole, ISO 124
2010 Amiral d'Eole, ISO 138, stallion
2011 Baccarat d'Eole, ISO 133
2000 Mifrane Manciaise, ISO 133
2007 Theodore Manciais, ISO 163, CSI5*
2009 Vragance Manciaise, ISO 140
2010 Chic Manciais Z, ISO 121
2011 Babeth Manciaise, ISO 127
2011 Babette Manciaise, ISO 130
2000 Mylord Carthago, ISO 178, stallion
2000 Quaranca de Muze
2004 Escape van de Olmenhoeve
2007 Hilfiger van de Olmenhoeve, CSI5*
2001 Bamako de Muze, CSIO5*, stallion
2001 Nais de la Pomme, ISO 152
2005 Ronaldo de la Pomme, ISO 155, CSI 150
2007 Tamaris de la Pomme, ISO 122
2007 Taratina de la Pomme, ISO 131
2007 Thorn de la Pomme, ISO 138, CSI 150
2007 Tinkagirl de la Pomme, ISO 131
2007 Tinkerbel de la Pomme, ISO 143, CSI 150
2001 Nimfe de la Pomme
2007 Tallyne de la Pomme, ISO 139
2007 Telstar de la Pomme, ISO 149, stallion
2007 Tintin de la Pomme, ISO 148, CSI 160
2007 Twister de la Pomme, ISO 137, CSI 160
2007 Tzatziki de la Pomme, ISO 131
2010 Altesse des Luthiers, ISO 126
2001 Norton d'Eole, ISO 163, stallion
2002 Cava de Muze, ISO120
2004 Elisco de Muze, ISO 129
2006 Soraya de la Pomme, ISO 130
2007 Hugh Grant de Muze, ISO 149
2007 Honnete de Muze, CSI 145
2008 Iorio, ISO 129


NIFRANE, his 4th dam, great international winner, ISO 165, has also produced several winners in CSO and stallions :

1992 Edgard de Chalusse, ICC 128, stallion
1995 Harold de Chalusse, ISO 124
1996 Ifrane de Chalusse, ISO 112
2008 Un Caprice Dechalusse, stallion
2009 Vulcain de Chalusse, ISO 127
2010 Antigua de Nantuel, ISO 139
1997 Jifrane de Chalusse
2001 Newton de Kreisker, ISO 132, stallion
2001 Nifrane de Kreisker, ISO 170, CSI 160
2004 Quifrane Rumel, ISO 122
2005 Recital Rumel, ISO 125
2005 Renarde Rumel, ISO 148
2010 Arcimboldo Rumel, ISO 116, stallion
2006 Sandokhan Rumel, ISO 142
2007 Top Ten Rumel, ISO 132
2010 Acajou Rumel, ISO 115, stallion
2003 Praline de Kreisker
2006 Show Off de Kreisker, ISO 120
2003 Pretty de Kreisker, ISO 121
2004 Senator Quilano de Kreisker, CSI 150
2004 Quilano de Kreisker, ISO 147
2005 Rolls de Kreisker, ISO 124
2005 Royce de Kreisker
2010 Allegra, ISO 140
2011 Birmane, ISO 124, ICC 150
2006 Starlight de Kreisker, ISO 124
2007 Tchao de Kreisker, ISO 121
2009 Vuiton de Kreisker, ISO 143
2010 Alstom de Kreisker, ISO 125
2012 Celtik de Kreisker, ISO 126
1999 Lord If de Chalusse, IE SO, ISO 171
2000 Malice de Chalusse
2004 Quartz de Nantuel, ISO 146
2008 Ugoline de Chalusse, ISO 130
2009 Valentine de Chalusse, ISO 147
2009 Virtuoso de Talma, ISO 121
2011 Baccarat de Carva, ISO 125

Quaprice Boimargot
Berlin, his sire

Quaprice Boimargot
Cassini I, his grand-sire

Queen Girl Kervec
, his dam

Trafalgar Kervec
, his brother

Jolly Girl de Kervec, his grand-dam

Fragance de Chalus

Ego van Orti

Vodka Orange de Muze

Mylord Carthago

Hilfiger van de Olmenhoeve

Bamako de Muze

Telstar de la Pomme

Norton d'Eole

Hugh Grant de Muze

Nifrane de Kreisker

Quilano de Kreisker

Lord if de Chalusse


In 2017, V
IP du Forezan continues his career under the saddle of the mexican rider Frederico Fernandez.

In 2016, VIP du Forezan was shinning among his year of 7YO with several ranking until he was named 7YO Champion of France at Fontainebleau in 2016.
VIP won the 7YO GP at Vilamoura, Dommartin and at the CSI3* in Maubeuge, the three jumping for 7YO of the CSI** at Arnas Sauvageonne. He was also ranked 2nd of a jumping 1,45m and 5th of a jumping 1,40m in the CSI** at Arnas Champburcy, 2nd of the GP for 7YO in Fontainebleau where he was also ranked 5th of a jumping 1,35m, 5th of a jumping for 7YO at the CSI in Bourg-en-Bresse, 10th of the GP of 7YO and 14th of the GP Pro1 of Cluny, 2nd of three jumping of 7YO at Vilamoura, etc.

ISO 156

VIP du Forezan - Champion de France des 7 ans 2016

VIP du Forezan - vainquer du Grand Prix des 7 ans CSI3* Maubeuge 2016



Vip du Forezan begins breeding in 2017.

SF stallion Eligible to the young male genetic SF program

BSO +33(0.58)


The best qualities of Vip du Forezan are his strength, his reactivity, a strong back, an excellent balance, and an excellent mind, he always want to do well. He undertand quick and has the clever of a winner.
He has a nice conformation and if you look at his modern type and his exceptional pedigree then you won't hesitate anymore to cross VIP with your mares.

We should cross him with mares who have enough scope.


Warning : Limit offer for his first year of breeding ! Take reservation as much soon as possible.

You can bring your mare to Haras de Semilly in France for being inseminated. In this case, the stud fee is divided in two parts :

2017 conditions : 300 euros at reservation + 1200 euros if the mare is pregnant (Live Foal Guarantee)

It is also possible to send frozen semen to other AI center :

2017 conditions : 1500 euros HT / 3 doses giving the right of 3 covering cards maximum
Each additional covering cards is 500 euros HT.




ISO : Showjumping Index
ICC : Eventing Index
IDR : Dressage Index
IE : exported horses ranked in international classes CSI /CSIO / CSIW
100 to 120 : Good
120 to 140 : Very Good
140 to 160 : Excellent
160 and more : The Best