SF stallion certified "VERY GOOD" for jumping
Bay - 1,74m (17,1hh) - 2002 - BSO +15(0,93) - ISO 162 - CSIO

Breeder : Richard Levallois (Normandy)
Owned by SCEA Levallois Richard
- Haras de Couvains - 50680 Couvains


Worthy son of Diamant de Semilly, Open Up Semilly is caracterized
by his huge scope, his serenity, his elasticity and his great canter.
His regularity in international Grand Prix has been awarded by a great index of 162.
He is also placed among the best sires of young showjumpers in France.




his sire :

 He is a son of Le Tot de Semilly, one of the best sires in the world and famous international jumping winner, and a dam by Amarpour xx.

 Great showjumping winner at CSIO and CSIW level, he was crowned:
World Champion with the French team and
9th in the individual ranking (WEG Jerez 2002),
France Champion 2002,
Team silver medal at the 2003 European Championships,
Winner of the 1999 French 1st Category jumping criterium.
ISO 184.

Diamant de Semilly is already reknowned as the BEST SELLE FRANCAIS STALLION, ranked Elite with a 100% "bet value" (ANSF ranking). BSO + 29 (0,99).
1st in the WBFSH showjumping stallion ranking list 2015.

His outstanding offspring includes : Asathir (ex. Tecla d'Auge) CSI5* ; Citizenguard Million Dreams CSI5* ; Deauville S CSIO5* ; Diamanthina van't Ruytershof CSIO5* ; Diarado, Champion of the Holsteiner stallions 2007 ; Don VHP Z CSIO5* ; Dylon CSIO5* ; Elvis Ter Putte CSIO5* ; Emerald CSIO5* ; Emilie de Diamant CSIO5* ; Erenice Horta, Champion of Belgium of the 7YO 2011, CSIO5* ; Extra Van Essene CSIO5* ; Guv´nor CSIO5* ; Heliodor Hybris CSIO5* ; Ilex VP CSI5*, ISO168; Inca Boy van't Vianahof CSIO5* ;  Jao de Graffan ISO163 ; Jésus de la Commune ISO171 ; Joyau d’Opal CSIO5*, ISO 181  ; Kalaska de Semilly CSIO5*, ISO169, Beijing OG 2008, WEG 2010, Silver Medal Asian Games 2010 ; Street Of Diamonds (ex-Kho de Presle) ISO178 ; Kola de Leurven ISO161 ; Lagon de l’Abbaye ISO167 ; Lavillon ISO164 ; Leandros de Semilly ISO162 ; Lonesome Diams Hogue ISO162 ; Monark ISO164  ; Muscaris d’Ariel ISO163 ; Must Jourdanière ISO 164 ; Nectar des Forêts ISO 163 ; Niack de l'Abbaye CSIO5*, ISO175, WEG Lexington, OG London ; Obiwan de Piliere ISO170 ; Oceane de Nantuel ISO166 ; Open Up Semilly ISO162 ; Pacha du Fort ISO157, Normandy WEG ; Pacific des Essarts ISO177 ; Pacino CSIO ; Peanuts de Beaufour ISO164 ; Perle du Marais ISO165 ; Picolo ISO171 ; Piman de la Deviniere ISO173 ; Polinska des Isles CSIO5*, ISO178 ; Prunella d'Ariel ISO171, Normandy WEG ; Quapitola de Beaufour ISO163 ; Queen Girl Kervec ISO162 ; Quickly de Kreisker ISO183, Normandy WEG ; Quito de Kerglenn ISO164 ; Quointreau Un Prince ISO162 ; Rackham'Jo ISO164 ; Radja d'Artémis ISO163 ; Rock'n Roll Semilly CSIO5* ISO172 ; Rubis de Preuilly CSIO5* ISO167 ; Safari d'Auge ISO162 ; Salamera de la Nutria CSI5* ; Sunshine  CSIO5* ; Sweet de Beaufour ISO167 ; Tower Mouche ISO168 ; Undiams de Varenne ISO164 ; Urano de Cartigny ISO168 ; Utamaro d'Ecaussines, CSIO5*, Normandy WEG ;


JIPSY DE LA LANDE, her 1st dam

Daughter of Arpege Pierreville and Top price of NASH auctions sales, she jumped at Grand Prix level.

The full sister of Open Up Semilly, Openfield de Beaufour, also jumped at international 1,50m Grand Prix level.
Jipsy de la Lande has also produced :

2003 Petit Paul de Beaufou, ISO 127
2003 Princesse de Beaufour
  2010 Aicha de Beaufour, ISO 113
  2011 Belle de Beaufour , ISO 116
2008 Ipsy, ISO 142
2010 Applee, ISO 122
2011 Baltimoree, ISO 132

Openfield de Beaufour
full sister of Open Up Semilly

STAR DE LA LANDE, her 2nd dam
has also produced :

1990 Celf de la Lande
1994 Galant de la Lande, IE SO, OG
1991 Dalton de la Lande, ISO 128
1993 Fidji de la Lande II
1997 Jyvane Courcelle, ISO 126
2006 Sircée du Feu, ISO 119
2008 Urfeora du Feu, ISO 117
1998 Kuomie Courcelle, ISO 132
2006 Sariette Courcelle, ISO 137
2008 Uruguay Courcelle, ISO 152, CSI 160
2009 Vanille Courcelle, ISO 118
2012 Chopin de Lizerne, étalon
1994 Gina de la Lande, ISO 137
2003 Playboy de la Lande, ISO 125
2004 Quetsche de la Lande, ISO 135
2008 Upie Lande, ISO 136
2009 Vedette Lande, ISO 133
2005 Rasia de la Lande
2009 Vivalavida Lande, ISO 121
2006 Star de la Lande, ISO 124
1996 Idole de la Lande, ISO 108
2004 Quaprice Valledei, ISO 117, ICC 110
2006 Swincy Valledei, ISO 115
2007 Terra Valledei, ISO 129
1998 Kama de la Lande, ISO 127
1999 Lobelia de la Lande, ISO 122

Galant de la Lande

UKRAINE, her 3rd dam, by Ibrahim, has also produced :
1968 Chichinette, ICC 112
1973 Hortax, ISO 116
1972 Gina de la Lande
1977 Lulu de la Lande, ISO 129
1981 Prince de la Lande, IDR 139
1984 Sissi de la Lande II
1991 Diane de la Lande, ISO 128
1993 Fée de la Lande, ICC 125
1985 Topaze de la Lande
1990 Camel de l’Echenau, ISO 121
1994 Gaius de l’Echenau, ISO 137
1997 Jinnah de l’Echenau, ISO 119
2007 Tenor du Reversey, ISO 111
1986 Upsa de la Lande
1992 Electre du Corbier, ISO 126
2005 Rosemarie de Thoisy, ISO 110
2007 Twinuts de Thoisy, ISO 111
1988 Amour de la Lande, ICC 145, ISO 133, private stallion
1973 Hirma de la Lande, ISO 127
1974 Isis de la Lande, IE SO, ISO 139
1976 Kalin de la Lande, private stallion
1977 Lina de la Lande
1982 Quita de la Lande
1991 Duc de la Lande, IE SO
1993 Fiole de la Lande, ISO 135
1981 Punch de la Lande, ISO 118
1982 Quam de la Lande, ISO 156, private stallion

HALFA, his 4th dam, has also produced :
1955 Libellule
1963 Tulipe III
1983 Rodosto, ICC 179, ISO 121
Vice Eventing World Champion by team with Jean Teulère in La Haye in 1994
1959 Prince Charmant B, ISO 120
1965 Valonia, ISO 135
1967 Bétune
1971 Finito, IE SO
1974 Iveline
1981 Pristina, ISO 122
1975 Jakow, ISO 134
1978 Manola
1987 Vais du Nuirat, ISO 126
1988 Arpad du Nuirat, IE SO, ISO 151
1980 Oceana II, ISO 126
1985 Tanagra II
1992 Eldorado du Mesnil, ISO 123
1993 Fileuse II, ISO 125, ICC 122
1998 Kosiki, ICC 122
1968 Chiquita
1972 Go, ISO 138
1971 Floralie
1975 Jo de la Lande, ISO 164
1978 Miss de la Lande
1983 Roi de la Lande, ISO 123
1980 Olga de la Lande, ISO 120
1981 Perle de la Lande
1990 Canter de la Lande, national stallion
1995 Hygie de la Lande, IE SO, ISO 144
1997 Jo de la Lande, ISO 120
1983 Rubi de la Lande, IDR 164
1992 Elios de la Lande, ICC 122














Quam de la Lande





In 2013, 5th GP Grand National in Auvers, 7th of a 1,45m class in Bourg-en-Bresse CSI4*, 7th GP Lorient, etc. In 2012, Open Up Semilly is regulalry placed  : 6th, 8th and 10th GP Pro1 Elite in Jardy, Rennes and Le Mans, 7th of a 1,50m class in Caen CSI3*, 1st of a 1,45m class in Rennes, 2nd in Jardy, 4th Maubeuge CSI3*, 5th in Ste Mere l'Eglise, 6th in St Lô CSI2*, 9th in the CSI3* of Caen, St-Lô and Auvers, … First before the finale of the French Pro 1 Elite Championships, he missed the title of Champion of France, but his regularity at top level has been rewarded by a great index : ISO 162 !

 In 2011, he is 5th of Saint-Lo CSI*** GP, he wins his first Grand Prix in Le Mans, he is also placed 12th in Dinard's Derby, 5th in Sartilly's Grand Prix, he also participates to his first CSIO***** 1,60m GP in La Baule, is also placed 2nd of a 1,50m in Maubeuge CSI***, 5th of a 1,40m class in Sainte Mère l'Eglise, 14th of Jardy 1,50m GP and 8th of a 1,45m, he is also 6th of a 1,40m class in Le Mans.

 2010  : very good showjumping season where he showed his great potential and impressed the breeders. Without going too fast, Florian Angot made several clear-rounds with Open Up Semilly. Among the best results, we notice  : 8th of a 1,50m class in Caen CSI****, 8th of a 1,45m class in Dinard CSI***, 8th of St James GP, 8th of Auvers GP, 10th of Montivilliers GP, 11th Cabourg GP, 12th of a 1,50m class in Canteleu CSI***, 6th of a 1,40m class in Normandy Horse Show, 8th of a 1,40m class in Villedieu, 10th of a 1,40m class in Chantilly, 10th of a 1,40m in St James, 2nd of a 1,35m in Paris CSI**, 6th of Pontivy GP, 9th of Notre Dame d’Estrée GP, 4th of a 1,40m in Pontivy, etc.

Grand Prix CSIO***** La Baule 2011

OPEN UP SEMILLY - Grand Prix CSI*** Caen 2012

OPEN UP SEMILLY - 5° du Grand Prix CSI*** Saint-Lô 2011

OPEN UP SEMILLY - Grand Prix Deauville 2010

 In 2009, Open Up Semilly is ranked in many 7 YO classes : 1st in Canteleu and Bethune CSI, 3rd of the 7YO GP at La Boissiere Ecole CSI, 4th in Auvers and Riom CSI and finishes 13rd of the 7YO French Championships. He was also ranked in Pro2 Grand Prix : 2nd and 4th in Saint-Lô, 7th in Alencon. He was also 5th of his first Pro1 Grand Prix in Villedieu les Poëles.
 4th of the French 3 YO Stallions Championships.
10th of the French 4 YO males Championship (ranked « Elite »).
Young Horses jumping classes finalist at 5 and 6 YO.
He made 11 following clear-rounds at 6 YO ! 


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He began breeding in 2006. Selle Français Stallion Qualification : VERY GOOD.
BSO +16(0,92).

Named "Best Young Stallion" in 2008 Normandy Horse Show.

His first offspring look great over the fences. At NASH auction sales, the 3YO gelding, Uno de Cerisy has been sold for one of the best prices 18500 Euros.

Among his first best offspring, we can notice :Taiga de Tourniole ISO 117 ; Taiga du Bey ICC 110 ; Tenor d'Ermisserie ISO 126 ; Thesis de la Fosse ISO 120 ; Thoutmosis Vallière ISO 111 ; Top Less ISO 113 ; Toronto de Kerser ISO 111 ; Torsade d'Or ISO 112 ; Tosca de Bucaille ISO 113 ; Tsoanya de la Palatie ISO 115 ; Twist du Mont ISO 120 ; Uginou de la Moinerie ISO 118 ; Ulika de Loecy ICC 110 ; Ultra d'Ermisserie ISO 124 ; Un As de Vilneuve ISO 113; Univers de Claids ICC 115, Uno de Cerisy ISO 145 ; Up and Fi des Lones ISO 111 ; Up Star de la Chenee ISO 120 ; Up Start ISO 124 ; Urbain du Paute ISO 132 ; Uriane de Terrette ISO 114 ; Urican ISO 146 ; Utoo de Bussy ISO 115 ; Valentino Manciais ISO 124 ; Venard de Cerisy ISO 160 ; Violette de Cerisy ISO 117; Vital de la Cense ISO 139 ; Vrai des Parts ISO 128 ; Alias Royale ISO 117, Alouette du Bidou ISO 116 ; Azerty des Moufettes ISO 115 ; Baladin de la Mazure ISO 111 ; Bounty Cak ISO 130 ; Bridget of Claydon ICC 120 ; Osibelle CH ISO 123 ; Cadillac Dromelle ISO 122 ; Clairon du Bisson ICC 129 ; Daura de Carville ISO 119 ; Evolia de la Roche ISO 112...

Venard de Cerisy (Open Up Semilly x Djalisco du Guet x Siego aa)

Uno de Cerisy (hongre par Open Up Semilly x Siego)

Urbain du Paute
Open Up Semilly x Si Tu Viens

Venard de Cerisy
Open Up Semilly x Djalilsco du Gué

Uno de Cerisy
Open Up Semilly x Siego aa

Dedicace d'la Couette
Open Up Semilly x Quat'Sous

Ultra d'Ermisserie
Open Up Semilly x Caloubet du Bois

Bluelove du Candy - 2 YO
Open Up Semilly x Bayard d'Elle

Charlemagne de Lugan
Open Up x Nombre Premier (ps)

Taiga du Bey
Open Up x Neustien xx

Vaillant de la Butte
Open Up Semilly x Schérif d'Elle

Unique de la Mazur
Open Up Semilly x Verdi

Uno de Cerisy
Open Up Semilly x Siego

Asmara Dear
Open Up Semilly x Vondéen

Texas d'Alauna - 2 YO
Open Up Semilly x Take Risks (ps)

Baltimore des Seize
Open Up Semilly x Livarot

Callas du Montceau
Open Up Semilly x Jiky de Nantuel

Ultra d'Ermisserie
Open Up x Caloubet du Bois

Téquila Semilly

Open Up Semilly x Eyken des Fontenis

Open Up Semilly x Prince Ig'Or aa

Urphée de la Butte
Open Up Semilly x Flipper d'Elle

Dream Up d'Open Up
Open Up Semilly x Golden Boy aa

Asmara Dear
Open Up Semilly x Vondéen

Call me Menama
Open Up Semilly x Chef Rouge

Bijou d'Ange - 2 YO
Open Up Semilly x Qredo de Paulstra



Open Up Semilly's offspring is typical, with size, scope, fantastic rideability and huge power.
Thus, this stallion crosses perfectly well with small light mares full of blood.
He is recommanded to produce jumpers and hunters.


You can bring your mare to France for being inseminated. In this case, the stud fee is divided in two parts :

2019 conditions : 300 euros at reservation + 450 euros if the mare is pregnant (Live Foal Guarantee)

At Haras de Semilly, the inseminations and scans are included.
Mares can also be inseminated with fresh semen at Haras des Houches (34).

It is also possible to send frozen and/or chilled semen to another french AI center (shipping costs to add).

Towards foreign countries, we can send you the semen directly or through our brokers if there is one who works for us in your country. For all information, feel free to contact us by email : contact@semilly.com

The doses' quality is guarantee.



ISO : Showjumping Index
ICC : Eventing Index
IDR : Dressage Index
IE : exported horses ranked in international classes CSI /CSIO / CSIW
100 to 120 : Good
120 to 140 : Very Good
140 to 160 : Excellent
160 and more : The Best