stallion certified "VERY GOOD" for jumping
BWP stallion also approved SF, ISH, ZVCH, MIPAAF and OLD

Dark Bay - 1,70 m (16,3hh)- 1990 - BSO +19(0,95) - IE SO

Breeder : Johan Van Oost (Germany) and owned by Michel Spaas (Belgium)


Son of the regretted Darco from which he got his strength and stable mind,
Non Stop also comes from one of the most wellknown holsteiner damline
which has also produced Cöster, Carthago, Canturo, … 
and from which he got his blood, chic and nice gaits.





DARCO, his sire :
Great international showjumping winner, he won many World Cup Grand Prix and ended 7th at Barcelone Olympic Games.

 Darco is one of the Best stallions in the World !
He has produced among the best : Sapphire : 6th Beijing OG and 7th Aachen WEG, Trudo King Darco : Atlanta Olympic Games, Belgium Champion and 5th at St Gall European Championships. He has also produced the stallions : Parco, Ogano Sitte, Winningmood vd Arenberg, Copin van de Broy, Vesuvius vh Moeshof ISO 150 … and the showjumpers
Barbarossa Van Paemel ISO 167, Codarco CSIO5*, Damascus Van Het Lindehof ISO 153, Eros du Bois Blanc ISO 150, Escape St Ghyvan ISO 150, Insolante ISO 166, Jolly Girl de Kervec ISO 153, L.B. Eagle Eye CSIO5*, Lavande d’Aix ISO 158, Nais de la Pomme ISO 152, Océane du Désert IDR 150, Option d'Auge ISO 151, Oxford d’Esquelmes ISO 169, Patchouli’t Kesterbeekbos ISO 153, Qwintus ISO 151, Val d'Oise de Fauquez ISO 150, Valentino ISO 164, Vesuvius Van Het Moeshof ISO 150, Vital Utopia ISO 155, Widney ISO 150, Wodan ISO 166, …

GLORCA V/H SCHUTTERSHOF, his 1st dam, has also produced Olympus (CSI for United States), Tempus van Orti (CSI 1,40m), Quintus van Orti (excellent dressage horse with C. Fassaert). 

Glorca is also the sister of the stallion Cum Laude Z (1,60m).

Non Stop's mother line belongs to the prestigious 162 Holsteiner familly from which come several famous champions and stallions, like :

Feinschnitt I
European Champion with C. Ahlmann.
His 4th dam, Katrin, is also the 4th dam of Non Stop and has also produced Sando Khan (fantastic dressage horse), Santiago (one of the best german eventer)
2nd world performer stallion in 2005,
GP winner with B. Alves
one of the best Holsteiner showjumper and stallion

10th at Los Angeles Olympic Games.
CSI with Luis A.Cervera

but also : Waterford Crystal European champion with Christian Ahlmann, Ulika exceptional CSIO mare, Lacros CSI with Dirck Schröder, Lactic II CSI with John Whitaker, Lord Calando, …

A mother line which counts 4 great Olympic horses : Feinschnitt I, Waterford Cristal, Canturo and Cöster bronze team medal.
What else to say ?

The quality of Non Stop's mother line is multiplied tenfold by good crossings with excellent sires of dams
like :
fson of the great Cor de la Bryère and grand-sire of Flemmingh grand-sire of Cardento, Coriano, Amadeus, Atlantic, Celano, Chairman, Concorde IV, Quaprice du Bois Margot, Magic Bengtsson, etc and sire of Livius Los Angeles OG. grand-sire of the stallions Sandro, Lancier, Feinschnitt
We can also remark that Carthago, Canturo, Cöster come from Cor de la Bryère and show many similarities then with Non Stop in their pedigree from the both sides.



International Grands Prix, Derby and Puissances Winner under the saddle of Nelson Pessoa and Tony Hassman.
Champion of Belgium at 6 YO.
Best 5 YO stallion at Zangersheide World Championships.
1st of the Belgium Cycle Classique at 4 YO.
At 3 YO, he already won the best free showjumping mark : 27/30. 

Among his best results, we will remind :
With Toni Hassmann in 2002 : 1° Puissance CSI-B Neustadt-Dosse, 5° Puissance CSI-W Dortmund, 8° 1.55 Mixed comp. CSI-A Hamburg, 10° Derby, CSI-A Hamburg ; in 2001 : 2° 1.40 speed class CSI-W Geneva, 2° 1.45 speed class CSI-A Spangenberg, 2° 1.50 speed class CSI-A Hardenberg, 3° Puissance CSI-W Berlin, 5° 1.40 speed class CSI-A Berlin, 9° 1.50 speed class CSI-A Hardenberg ; in 2000 : 1° speed class CSIO Poznan, 2° speed class CSI-A Bremen, 3° speed class CSIO Lummen, 5° Mixed comp. CSI-A Bremen, 5° speed class CSI-A Wiesbaden, 5° 2 phases CSI-A Munich Riem, 5° hunting class CSI-A Munich Riem.
With Nelson Pessoa, in 1998 : 1° speed class CSI Valkenswaard, 1° Mixed comp. CSI Hamburg, 2° speed class CSI Hamburg, 3° speed class CSIO Calgary, 3° Mixed comp. CSIO Calgary, 3° speed class CSI Valkenswaard, 3° Mixed comp. CSIO Falsterbo, 4° speed class CSIO Falsterbo ; in 1997 at 7 YO : 3° Mixed comp. CSIO Mechelen.



Non Stop is certified "VERY GOOD" stallion for jumping in France.
BSO +18(0,94). He is the best son of Darco, ranked among the Best Stallions of the World since several years (26th in the WBFSH stallions jumping ranking list 2013). Among his 400 first offspring, more than 20% jump in 1,40m classes or more, which is exceptionnal !

Among his best offspring at international level, we notice :
Ulysse sacred European 2009 Team Champion for Switzerland after winning the first class in Windsor ! He is also  : Swiss Champion, winner of the Derbies at La Baule and Madrid, 1st of Falsterbo GP CSIO*****, 2nd of Oslo GP CSIW, 1st of Munich GP CSI****, etc.


Abbervail van het Dingeshof

Abbervail van het Dingeshof  : CSIO5* Denis Lynch,
Pironella : CSIO5* Daniel Deusse,
: Mickael Whitaker, WEG 2010 and winner of GP CSIO5* Aachen 2012,
Bonzai van de Warande : CSIO5* Juan Carlos Garcia,
Vangelis S : CSIO5* Robert Smith,
Sitah van Vrijhern : Beijing Olympic Games, 5th of Wellington GP CSIO****

Many others are also ranked in International Grand Prix, like : A New Fidelity, Deus, Eau de Parfum Van Overis, Ebano, Eloise du Petit Vivier, F Olympic MH, Fariska, Fiero van Orti, Fine Star van 't Asschaut, Fiona v/h Lemmenshof, Galip, Gayatri van het Welthof, Gigi l´Amouroso ter Notelaere, Gipsy Boy, Gladstone, Grand Amour, Gulio van de Koelaar, Inonstop van't Voorhof, Just in Time, Lucky Luke de Barzin, Nabuco, Nesquick, New Stop Z, Notaris, Rosa Cocktail, Semsaladem Berkenbroeck, Semtex, Texas, Topic van het Voorhof, Ultra Fidelity M, Uni Stop van het Hoksent, Via Veneto, Warrior van het Dingeshof, Zambezi,...

Several Non Stop's products also got some medals in Junior and Young Riders Championships, which show their easiness : Rolex van Berkenbroeck, Team Bronze Medal and 8th in individual at Hagen 2002 Juniors European Championships ; Takashi van Berkenbroeck, individual Bronze Medal at Vilamoura 2004 Juniors European Championships ; Uppercut, Silver Medal at Auvers 2007 Young Riders European Championships.

For more news, pictures and videos, click on : webstallions




Viking van Kwekenhoeve

Among his best offspring indexed in France we can already notice  : Almero van de Kwekenhoeve ISO 131, Amai ISO 128, Anew Fidelity "M" ISO 127, Axel van Overis ISO 132, Babou's Dream de Nisi ISO 125, Beaubrun de la Chenee ISO 128, Big Ben II Van de Bunte ISO 138, Braungirl de Pleville ISO 142, Can't Stop D'Oz ISO 129, Cassidy du Frene ISO 129, Carlo de Siju ISO 132, Ceylan de Blondel ISO 126, Charivari Marcia ISO 132, Cheilane de Blondel ISO 136, Dont Stop Van Klapscheut ICC 126, Eblesse Vh Scheefkasteel ISO 148, Evana van het Leliehof ISO 130, Evita ISO 136, Evita Van't Hof V Eversem ISO 143, F Olympic Mh ISO 133, Favola VI V Berkenbroeck ISO 127, Forta ISO 129, Gem Twist ISO 139, Gieliam Vh Kaleyhof ISO 126, Hobbit Huxly Blesse Vt Asschaut ISO 138, Kenneth du Petit Vivier ISO 138, Lana d'O ISO 133, No Comment Of The Paddock ISO 129, No Limit 2(de) ISO 132, Quattro du petit vivier ISO 127, QuickBoy de Maibelle ISO 143, Quicksilver des Brumes ISO 129, Rebel ISO 130, Samourai W ISO 129, Shaba van Berkenbroeck ISO 161, Uldorado ISO 130, Ultimate des Bruyeres ISO 130 ; Uncle Jack de Liam ISO 128, Unitop van’t Pachtershof ISO 145, Urielle S ISO 135, Viking van Kwekenhoeve IE SO ISO 146, etc.

Fidalgo van het Leliehof
Non Stop x Major de la Cour

Bonzai van de Warande
Non Stop x Feinschnitt I

L'Ordevie van't Lief-Kozen
Non Stop x Calvaro

Gayatri vh Welthof
Non Stop x Jus de Pomme

Lior van Tenhaegendoorn
Non Stop x Tamara

Takashi van Berkenbroek
Non Stop x Feinschnitt I

Quicksilver des Brumes
Non Stop x Voltaire

Non Stop x Caretino

Danakil Semilly
Non Stop x Apache d'Adriers

Gem Twist
Non Stop x Quidam de Revel

NonStop x Baloubet du Rouet

Carlton Semilly
NonStop x Keops du Vinnebus

Believe in Thozano
Non Stop x Le Tot de S.

Cherry Queen Semilly
Non Stop x Jus de Pomme
(full sister of Abbervail vh Dingeshof)

Babou's Deam de Nisi
Non Stop x Caloubet du Bois

Bronx de Feyele - 3ans
Non Stop x Electre du Bany

Non Stop x Jokinal de Bornival
Babou's Deam de Nisi - 3YO
Non Stop x Caloubet du Bois


Non Stop brings to his offspring his good balance, a great canter and a lot of easiness. His damline also brings some blood, chic, style and wonderful paces.
Non Stop doesn't produced chestnut horse, only bay ones.



You can bring your mare to France for being inseminated in order to have a SF foal,
in this case, the stud fee is divided in two parts, both are guaranted live foal :

2019 conditions : 300 euros at reservation + 1900 euros if the mare is pregnant

It is also possible to send frozen and/or chilled semen to another french AI center (shipping costs to add).

Towards foreign countries, we can send you the semen directly or through our brokers if there is one who works for us in your country. For all information, feel free to contact us by email :

The doses' quality is guarantee and Non Stop has got a very good fertility rate.



ISO : Showjumping Index
ICC : Eventing Index
IDR : Dressage Index
IE : exported horses ranked in international classes CSI /CSIO / CSIW
100 to 120 : Good
120 to 140 : Very Good
140 to 160 : Excellent
160 and more : The Best