SF - Bay - 1,63m (16,1hh) - 2000 - BSO +12(0,93) - ISO 174 - CSIO*****
Breeder : Richard Levallois (Normandy)
Owned by S.C.E.A. Levallois
- Haras de Couvains - 50680 Couvains


With the great index of 174, Made In Semilly proved his own qualities at the top level, winning Grand Prix CSI4*. Best son of Allegreto with the full sister of the stallion Flamenco de Semilly for mother, Made in Semilly also turns out to be an excellent stallion, transmitting his energy, serenity, soundness, carefulness and good jumping technique.



ALLEGRETO, his sire :
Very Good international showjumping winner CSIW-CSIO, ISO 179.

Allegreto, his sire

He is now recognized as an excellent sire. Among the best of his offspring, we can notice : Impec de Subrevil IE SO ; Insolente de Bedon IE SO ; Isatis Saint Jean IE SO ; Jackson du Parc IE SO ISO 151 ; Jasmina des Pins ISO 155 ; Jolie de B’Neville ISO 161 ; Joline de Rouhet IE SO ; Kannelle de la Baie ISO 162 ; Kalimero de Polt ISO 151 ; Kenzo de Mescam IE SO ; Kiara de Mescam IE SO ; Kidit Saint Clair ISO 162 ; Kolea du Château IE SO ISO 148 ; Krescendo Corubert ISO 156 ; Lady de Pléville IE SO ; Leader de Coquerie IE SO ; Limelight de Breve IE SO, ISO 170 ; Lucky du Reverdy ISO 160 ; Odin de Montsec ISO 150 ; Origan de Vains ISO 157 ; Qualine du Château ISO 151 ; Radieuse du Landey ISO 162 ; Radja de B'Neville ISO 155 ; Redskin de Riverland ISO 164 ; Sarcelle de Gys ISO 151 ; Sun Flower du Theil ISO 153 ; Syrus du Vinnebus ISO 154 ; Toscanini Malpic ISO 158 ; Unesco du Rouet ISO 167...

EBENE DE SEMILLY, his 1st dam,

daughter of Le Tot de Semilly

full sister of the stallions : Flamenco deSemilly (sire of Je t'Aime Flamenco), Vraitot, Dollar de Semilly. It's also the full sister of the great jumper Iroise de Semilly (ISO 151).

Made In Semilly is the first offspring of Ebene de Semilly. The full brother of Made In, Red Hot Semilly, has also been approved as an SF stallion at 3 YO and then bought by the French National Studs.

Flamenco deSemilly
full brother of Made In Semilly's mother
Ebene de Semilly has also produced : Titanium Semilly ISO 130 finalist in Fontainebleau at 5 YO and then exported to Ecuador
Very Well Semilly selected for the KWPN 2012 stallions test
Al Capone Semilly, very impressive in young horses classes, ISO128,
Best of Semilly, ISO111 and
Captain Semilly, winner of the 3YO stallions testing in 2015, SF stallion approuved, ISO124.

Very Well Semilly

Captain Semilly

QUENOTTE DU CHEMIN, his 2nd dam,
daughter of the well-known thouroughbred St Brendan xx, is an exceptional broodmare who has also produced with Le Tot de Semilly :

1987 Vraitot, ISO 145, National stallion
1988 Artaban du Chemin, ISO 130
1991 Dollar de Semilly, ISO 149, National stallion
1993 Flamenco deSemilly, IE SO, stallion in Belgium
1994 Glasgow de Semilly, SF approved stallion exported to Ecuador
1995 Hérésie de Semilly
2003 Papillon de Riverland, ISO 124
2004 Qrack de Riverland, ISO 115
2007 The Must de Riverland, ISO 126, private stallion
1996 Iroise de Semilly, ISO 151
2000 Maestro du Vilpion, ISO 129

GAVOTTE, his 3rd dam, has also produced :

1977 Lady du Montmirel
1982 Quentine de Lady
1989 Bagad d’Andilly, ISO 125
1993 Floriane d’Olca, ISO 125
1994 Gollen d’Olca, ISO 111
1980 Oiseau de Feu III, ISO 148
1981 Pavotte, ISO 161
1995 Haltea Dorcel, ISO 116
2006 Scala Dorcel, ISO 113
2006 Salsa Dorcel, CSI 140
2009 Vorea Dorcel, ISO 120
1997 Jalby Dorcel, IE SO
1999 Lory Dorcel, ISO 121, vice-champion junior CSO in Ecuador
2001 Norka Dorcel
2005 Roky Dorcel, ISO 129
2007 Tosca Dorcel, ISO 112
2009 Vivorka Dorcel, ISO 113
2003 Punchy Dorcel, ISO 130, CSI 155
2005 Ruby Dorcel, ISO 135

Flamenco deSemilly
International showjumper, son of Le Tot,
named BWP 2009 stallion ambassador due to
the quality of his offspring (among the bests :
Wonder Boy III et Je T'Aime Flamenco)


Iroise de Semilly



 ISO 174. Winner in GP CSI4*, Made In Semilly has achieved a fantastic showjumping career which lasted for almost 10 years and regularly placed at international level, totalling 260000 euros for prize money.

 2013 : 40 rankings ! Made in Semilly won Le Mans Grand Prix Pro 1 in September, he won again Le Mans Grand Prix Pro 1 in October. He is also 1st of Auvers Grand Prix, is placed 2nd of the SF Masters in Saint-Lo CSI3*, 3rd in Le Mans GP140, ...

2012 : 1st GP Pro1 Jardy,  2nd GP Pro2 Rennes, 2nd GP Pro2 St Lô, 5th GP Pro2 Pontivy,  4th GP Pro2 Greville, 6th GP Pro1 Greville, …

In 2011, Made in Semilly has done a great showjumping season. Regularly placed, he ends 6th of the best showjumpers in France (cf. ranking list below) and 2nd stallion behind Mylord Carthago !
Among his best results, he has been 4th of Le Mans GP, 3rd of a 1,45m class in Auvers CSI**, 2nd of Saint-Lo CSI** GP, 8th of the Normandy Horse Show's GP, wins a 1,50m class in Dinard CSI***, he wins a 1,45m class in La Clusaz CSI** and is also 3rd of another one. He is also placed 2nd in a 1,50m class, 6th of the GP and 3rd of the Nations Cups in Lisbon CSIO****, 5th and 6th in 1,50m classes in La Baule CSIO*****, 5th in a 1,45m in Maubeuge CSI***, 2nd of a 1,45m class in Sainte Mère l'Eglise. He wins the 1,45m GP of Les Pieux, he is also placed 13th of Jardy 1,50m GP and 4th of a 1,45m, 7th of Le Mans 1,50m GP, 2nd of Auvers 1,50m GP, 9th of Auvers 1,40m GP, ...



Made In Semilly - Masters Selle Français - CSI*** Saint-Lo 2013

Made In Semilly - 2nd of Normandy Horse Show CSI** Grand Prix 2011

 2010 : great showjumping season with a 2nd place in the 1,50m GP of Auvers, 6th in the 1,50m Chantilly GP, 8th in the Grand Prix of Maubeuge CSI***, 8th of the 1,50m class in La Baule CSIO, 4th in the GP of Lisboa CSIO**** where he aslo wins a 1,50m class, 3rd of a 1,50m class of Canteleu CSI***, 4th of the Normandie Horse Show GP where he is aslo placed 3rd in a 1,50m class, Winner of the Grand Prix of Caen CSI****, 2nd in the 1,50m indoor GP of Saint-Lô, 6th in the Grand Prix of Paris CSI** where he aslo wins a 1,45m class, etc.

2009 : the first victories in Grand Prix ! Made In Semilly wins Auvers 1,50m GP ( VIDEO). Winner of Deauville 1,50m GP, and many other rankings like : 5th and 9th in 1,45m classes in La Baule CSIO*****, 5th of a 1,50m class in La Courneuve CSI***, 10th in Cabourg GP Pro1 Elite, …

Made In Semilly - CSIO La Baule 2010

Made In Semilly - winner of the Grand Prix CSI**** of Caen 2010

 In 2008, he made his entrance in the Top level. His main results include : 4th of the 1,50m GP in Vannes, 7th of the 1,50m GP in Pontivy, 3rd of the 1,45m GP at Le Mans CSI*, 3rd the GP in Arradon and Fontainebleau, 8th of Auvers GP, 6th and 9th in 1,45m classes at La Baule CSIO, 6th of a 1,45m class in Deauville, 8th of a 1,45m class at La Courneuve CSI***, 3rd of a 1,40m class at St Lô CSI***, 10th of a 1,40m class at au Dinard CSI***, 4th of the GP of Herouville, …

 Made In Semilly has mainly done his stallion job in 2007, covering more than 120 juments in fresh semen. So, he didn't go out on competition that much, but all the time he did, he had good results, like his 6th place in the 7 YO GP at Dinard CSI***.

 French Champion of the 6 YO
(ranked "Excellent").

 Young Horses jumping classes finalist at 4 YO (ranked "Very Good ") and at 5 YO.

 France Champion of the 3 YO stallions
(1st section).

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He began breeding in 2006.
Selle Français Stallion Qualification : VERY GOOD.
Made in Semilly has a very high percentage (72%) of his offspring which is well indexed among those which are older enough for being indexed.
BSO + 12 (0,93).

This young stallion is the discovery of 2013 French young horses finals with an impressive up-and-coming offspring ! The first generation of the Made In Semilly made a strong impression during the French young horses Championships in Fontainebleau by its quality. These are great sport horses with strength, blood and top willingness !
In 2013, Made In Semilly is placed 3rd Best Sire of the 5 YO qualified for the final with 5 offspring (so more than 60% of his offspring presents in this Championship), against 16 Diamant and 6 Kashmir, but in front of Mylord Carthago (4), C Indoctro (4), Quaprice (3), Calvaro (3) ... which exceptionnal knowing the small amount of mares covered by Made In Semilly compared to other stallions ! It is very revealing of the great quality of his offspring !

Among the small number of foals he had at the beginning, most of them have been remarked in CSO : Tamise de Vesquerie "Excellent" at 5 YO ISO 133 ; Tia de Grandry ISO 114 ;Toccata Margeotière ISO 110; Uccello ISO 110 ; Ucello du Marais ICC 129 ; Udson Bay Gibay ISO 115 ; Ugolin des Roquelines ISO 130 ; Uka d'Ange ISO 121 ; Uleros de l'Abbaye ISO 124 ; Ultime l'Amandour ISO 130 ; Ultra de Sully ISO 112 ; Un pti Mec ISO 115 ; Unalike Domain ICC 117 ; Undying d'Urville ISO 110 ; Une de l'Isle ISO 110 ; Une de Tatihou ISO 125 ; Unika de Saint Aubert in the Belgium 4YO classic cycle ; Unile de Vaudry ISO 114 ; Unique d'Origny ISO 131 ; Unité du Phare ISO 124 ; Up and Down Tame ISO 133 ; Upsalin des Monceaux ISO 114 ; Upsilone du Vallet ISO 138 ; Uranie Dream ISO 110 ; Uranie du Manoir ISO 134 ; Urbain des Noes ISO 141 ; Urbikela Cael ISO 128 ; Urgande de la Bride ISO 124 ; Uriel du Fort ISO 116 ; Urièle de la Lande ISO 113 ; Usa des Forêts ISO 138 ; USA Normande "Elite" and 3rd of the French Championships for the 4 YO females ISO 151 ; Ushuaia de l'Abbaye ISO 122 ; Utah des Etouques ICC 122 ; Utem de Quintin ISO 141 ; Vagabond du Bisson ISO 126 ; Valse del Bosco ISO 112 ; Veleta Normande ISO 127 ; Vic de la Billerie ISO 119 ; Aby d'Ange ISO 130 ;Agresivité de Codre ISO110; Aladin de Nesque ISO 113 ; Altea de Quintin ISO 115 ; Amitié du Gonge ISO 111 ; Babatcha de Quintin ISO 112 ; Banzail de l'Abbaye ISO 119; Beau Prince d'Or ISO 112; Boomrang de la Bride ICC 115 ; Dealer de la Bride ICC 120 ; Discorde du Riol ISO 118 ; Doha Semilly ISO 111; Dolce de la roche ISO 126 ...

USA Normande (Made in Semilly x Urbain du Monnai) - Grand Prix CSI4* La Coruña


In 2012, Venue du Chatelier wins the 3YO competition and Vagabon du Bisson is placed 6th in Saint Hilaire du Harcouet. In 2013, Diva du Houx Champion of France of the young foals females.

Diva du Houx (Made in Semilly x Burgraaf)
Champion of France of the young females 2013

USA Normande
(Made in x Urbain du Monnai)

Up and Down Tame
Made in Semilly x Hélios de la Cour

Uccello du Marais
Made in Semilly x Nononito xx

Utem de Quintin
(Made in Semilly x Diamant de Semilly)

USA Normande
(Made in x Urbain du Monnai)

Urbikela Cael
(Made in Semilly x Drakkar des Hutins)

Uleros de l'Abbaye

Made in Semilly x Diamant de Semilly

Vallée Charbonnière
Made in x Papillon Rouge

Up and Down Tame
Made in Semilly x Hélios de la Cour

Ugolin des Roquelines
(Made in Semilly x Quidam de Revel)

Uka d'Ange
Made in Semilly x Fort de la Cour

Urbain des Noes
(Made in Semilly x Socrate de Chivre)

USA Normande
Made in S. x Urbain du Monnai

Véto du Mazès

Made x Pitchounet

Upsilone du Vallet
Made in Semilly x Verdi

Made in Semilly x Nidor Platière

Une Carte postale

Made in Semilly x Diamant de Semilly

Tamise de Vesquerie
Made in x Elf III

Up To You Farmer
Made in Semilly x Paladin des Ifs

Urfé Banbou
Made in Semilly x Elf III

Titan de l'Abbaye

Made in S. x Diamant de Semilly

Une France

Made in Semilly x Vesontio du Mesnil

Armani du Domaine
Made in S. x Arpège Pierreville

Ushuaia de l'Abbaye
Made in S. x Jus de Pomme

Made in S. x Robin II Z

Unalike Domain
Made in S. x Rêve d'Elle

USA Normande
Made in Semilly x Urbain du Monnai

Doha Semilly
Made in S. x Diamant de Semilly

Made in S. x Apache d'Adriers

Banzail de l'Abbaye
Made in Semilly x Diamant de Semilly

Uleros de l'Abbaye
Made in S. x Diamant de Semilly


Made In Semilly produces showjumpers with a great willingness and soundness, very good canter, balance and reactivity, showing lot of energy and strength.



You can bring your mare to France for being inseminated. In this case, the stud fee is divided in two parts :

2019 conditions : 300 euros at reservation + 600 euros if the mare is pregnant (Live Foal Guarantee)

At Haras de Semilly, the inseminations and scans are included.
The mares are inseminated with fresh semen at Haras de Cordemais (44).

It is also possible to send frozen and/or chilled semen to another french AI center (shipping costs to add).

Towards foreign countries, we can send you the semen directly or through our brokers if there is one who works for us in your country. For all information, feel free to contact us by email : contact@semilly.com

The doses' quality is guarantee




ISO : Showjumping Index
ICC : Eventing Index
IDR : Dressage Index
IE : exported horses ranked in international classes CSI /CSIO / CSIW
100 to 120 : Good
120 to 140 : Very Good
140 to 160 : Excellent
160 and more : The Best