AES Stallion
Also approved
SF, sBs
Eligible to the young male genetic SF program

Copper chestnut - 1,73 m - 2011 - CSI3*

Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS) : non-carrier
Breeder and Owner: : Bernard Dandrifosse (Belgium)


You are looking forward for a good son of Comme Il Faut ?
Don't search anymore !

The very promising FAUT-IL DES 7 VALLONS takes after !
Son of Markus Ehning's champion, himself coming from the famous Cornet Obolensky et Ratina Z,
he is reactif, respectful, leaping, powerful and fighter.
From his SF champion mother, who had started the Gregory Watheley sport career,
we find the good mental, aesy and volonteer.

Winner of the CSI5* Young Sires Masters in Bordeaux in 2019,
Faut-il des 7 vallons forshadows to be the rising star of Gregory Watheley team.




COMME IL FAUT , his sire :

Son of one of the World best stallions Cornet Obolensky, 3rd in 2016 (WBFSH World rankings), great winner riden by Marko Kurtcher, especially twice Eurpe Champion and 3rd at the Olympic Games.
He is the last son of the "mare of the century"
Ratina Z, unforgettable with Ludger Beerbaum, with who she won the Aix-la-Chapelle GP, the 1993 World Cup final, the gold medal individually at the 1997 Mannheim Europe Championship, etc...

In 2019 he is: 5th of the Leipzig CSI5*W GP World Cup.
In 2018, Comme Il Faut was : winner of the Brussels and Chantilly GP CSI5* de Bruxelles, 2nd of the Praha CSI5* ... But he also won the Paderborn (2016-2017) CSI3*, the Madrid and Wien CSI5* in 2016, the CSI4* in München, the CSI3* in Gross Viegeln (2016) etc...
He is World Vice-Champion of 5YO in Lanaken et 6YO German Vice-Champion ridden by Franz-Joseph Dahlmann. He also obtained the highest score on jumping during the 70 days test.

Comme Il Faut

His first offspring generation has already the same jumping qualities than her father, and is famous to be exceptionnal. Many of his sons are approved, as: Comilfo Plus Z (5th 6YO World Championship), Corsari Van de Helle, Coronet d'Honneur, Come Di seve, Comme Le Père, Hermantico, Comme Prévu, Call Me Carl 3 (5YO 2018 classical cycles France Champion (2018)) ISO135, Cairon 10, Faut-il des 7 Vallons, Come On Jumper ISO 154 etc... Whereas others are starting to get their break as: Classic Addiction ISO 146, Cronchen ISO 128, Fuhrer de Maugre ISO 118...

FIRIS DE LA MAINE, his 1st mare, is a SF daughter of Double Espoir, who is the father of the famous Apaches d'Adriers ISO181, La Fayette ISO179, Flipper d'Elle ISO186, etc...

Firis de la Maine has allowed Grégory Wathelet to start his rider career. She only had one product: Faut-il des 7 Vallons.

"Firis is a very special mare for me as she brought me to that top level. My first important victory was that of Belgium Young riders Champion and it was thanks to her. The first European Championship was also with her...Unfortunatly, she get injured à 9YO and could not make a great career but to my opinion, she was at that moment, an exceptionnal mare whO is a part of my leading horses at a moment of my career. So obviously I am happy to be able to follow her products, particulary Faut-Il as I think he really stand out from the crowd and better than the others." Gregory Wathelet

Firis de la Maine, his mother

IRIS FONTENELLES, his 2nd mare, also produced:

1981 Promesse IV, ISO 116
1982 Quessy les Herbiers, ISO 142
1995 Hugo la Jousse, ISO 112
1996 Irma la Jousse , ISO 118
2011 Bagatelle d'Irma, ISO 125
1997 Julie la Jousse, ISO 123
2011 Bahia la Jousse , ISO 123
1999 Lutin la Jousse , ISO 120
2002 Oural du Haut Bois, ISO 116
1983 Rivoli La Jousse, ISO 131
1984 Source de la Maine , IE SO, ISO 132
1990 Calix de la Maine , ISO 143

CERISE, his 3rd mother, by the thoroughbred Emperador, only had 2 products: Iris Fontenelles and Joli Baladin.

OPHELIA, his 4th mother, also produced:

1964 Urraba B
1971 Fine Lady, ISO 125
1975 Hill Boy, ISO 113
1983 Restonica, ISO 125
1985 Teghine, ISO 121
1965 Vol au Vent, ISO 126


In 2019 Faut-Il keeps improving towards the Top level.
Winner of the Bordeaux CSI5* Young Sires Masters in 2019
, he is also placed 4th of the CSI* 1,45m in Brussel, 3rd and 9th of two CSI3* 1,40m in Vilamoura, 6th of the CSI3* 1,35m in Bonheiden, 10th of the CSI5* 1,40 in Knokke...

Faut-il des 7 Vallons - winner of the Young Stallions Masters - CSI Bordeaux 2019

FAUT-IL integrated the horse team of Gregory Watheley in 2018, with the objectif to prepare the futur important competitions. Nevertheless, without effort, he won magnificienly won the 7 YO Valkenswaard GP and was placed in many others competitions à 7 YO: 1st in Opglabbeek, 1st and 11th in Reims, 5th in Bonheiden, 7th in Vejer de la Frontera, 9th in Lanaken, 11th in Bordeaux...

"FAUT-IL DES 7 VALLONS is a special horse for me, because I started my career with his mother and won with her the Belgian Young riders Championship. Today, ride her son makes the story even more beautiful, especially since this young stallion is endowed with exceptionnal qualities for his young age. He shows great potential, he is very respectful and smart. I have a lot of hopes on him, he is a real horse for the Top Level !” Grégory Watheley

Faut-il des 7 Vallons - winner of the 7 YO Grand Prix CSI Valkenswaard 2018

Faut-il des 7 Vallons - 7 YO in 2018

Faut-il des 7 Vallons - 6 YO in 2017

Faut-il des 7 Vallons - 5 YO in 2016



Faut-Il des 7 Vallons started his stallion career in France in 2019 and in 2018 in Belgium. He doesn't pass on the Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS non-carrier).

Faut-Il des 7 Vallons belongs to the "Young Male Genetic SF program" of the Selle Français studbook.

Kitoudouble de Pag
Faut-il des 7 Vallons x Tsunami de Hus

Iris de la Maine
Faut-il des 7 Vallons x Indoctro

Kelly Wild Semilly
Faut-il des 7 Vallons x Diamant de Semilly





Faut-il des 7 Vallons has a beautiful look, with size and scope. We advice to bring him mares not too high.
He should bring back to his offspring his reactivity, his respect, his striking, his power, his easy mental. He is also willing, applied and fighter.

Faut-il des 7 Vallons doesn't pass on the Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS non-carrier).



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