BWP also approved SF, Z, AES, Hann and West - Bay - 1,73 m - 2002
CSIW***** - BSO +10(0.81)

Owner : Ecurie Fabien Schreiber - Belgium


Strong stallion worthy of his famous sire Darco, Copin van de Broy
went at the Top of the showjumping World scene with Markus Ehning !

Copin van de Broy - Top Ten Geneva 2012


DARCO, his sire :
Great international showjumping winner, he won many World Cup Grand Prix and ended 7th at Barcelone Olympic Games. .

 Darco is one of the Best stallions in the World, 1st for many years of the WBFSH Stallion ranking list.
He has produced among the best : Sapphire : 6th Beijing OG and 7th Aachen WEG, Trudo King Darco : Atlanta Olympic Games, Belgium Champion and 5th at St Gall European Championships. He has also produced the stallions : Non Stop, Ogano Sitte, Winningmood vd Arenberg, Parco, … and the showjumpers Barbarossa Van Paemel ISO 167, Codarco CSIO5*, Damascus Van Het Lindehof ISO 153, Eros du Bois Blanc ISO 150, Escape St Ghyvan ISO 150, Insolante ISO 166, Jolly Girl de Kervec ISO 153, L.B. Eagle Eye CSIO5*, Lavande d’Aix ISO 158, Nais de la Pomme ISO 152, Océane du Désert IDR 150, Option d'Auge ISO 151, Oxford d’Esquelmes ISO 169, Patchouli’t Kesterbeekbos ISO 153, Qwintus ISO 151, Val d'Oise de Fauquez ISO 150, Valentino ISO 164, Vesuvius Van Het Moeshof ISO 150, Vital Utopia ISO 155, Widney ISO 150, Wodan ISO 166, …

QUEEN, his 1st dam, has also produced :

Unique Van de Broy, placed in 1,50m international classes with Peter Postelmans. Unique van de Broy is also the dam of the stallion Casado Van't Gelutt and of Eurocommerce Panama (ex. Contrex van de Broy), very good CSI winner with Wout-Jan Van der Schans.

Casado van't Gelut

Unique van de Broy
sister of Copin van de Broy

Eurocommerce Panama

HENSIE, his 2nd dam, is a filly of Calmeo, himself by the leading sire : Almé, sire of so many showjumping winners and great stallions like  : Galoubet A, Jalisco B, Aérobic Z, Artos Z, Athlet Z, Animo, Ahorn, Almé Star, Zalmé,

Hensie is also the dam of Naylasouf, CSI winner (Grand Prix CSIO Zagreb) and herself mother of Calisto vd Windheuvel, good winner in junior and 1,50m classes.

Calisto vd Windheuvel

SISSI, his 3rd dam, has also produced Kitty des Bruyeres dam of Welloucca de Rialfo good 1,40m winner.




Great International showjumping winner.

 In 2015, he wins the CSI5* of Calgary, 2nd in the World Cup CSI3* in Sacramento, etc.

 In 2014, 3rd of the GP CSI5* of Calgary, 1st of the Nations Cup of Gijon CSIO5, etc.

 In 2013, 2nd GP CSIO5* Falsterbo, 2nd King George’s Cup CSIO5* Hickstead, 2nd GP CSI3* Paderborn, 3rd GP CSI5* Oslo, 3rd GP CSI5* S’Hertogenbosch, etc.

 In 2012, he is ridden by Markus Henning. He wins the GP CSI3* of Hardenberg (cf. jump-off) and the Nations Cup of Rome CSIO5* and Rotterdam CSIO5*, 2nd of a 1,50m class in Hannover CSI3*, 3rd of a 1,60m class in Paris CSI5*, 6th of Verone GPW CSI5*, 7th of Cannes GP CSI5*, 7th in the World Cup Finale in S'Hertogenbosch, 8tth in the GP of Rotterdam CSIO5*, Muenster CSI4* and Neumünster CSI3*, 9th of the Top Ten finale in Geneva CSI5*, 9th of Aachen GP CSIO5*, ...

 In 2011, at 9 YO Copin bursts onto the showjumping scene and he's selected for the European Championships :
Winner of the World Cup Grand in Mechelen CSI5*
, Winner of the Sires of the World in Mechelen CSI5*, 2nd in the GP of Ascona CSI3*, 3rd of the Nations Cup in Dublin CSIO, 4th Liège CSI4* GP, 4th in Rotterdam CSIO5* Nations Cup, 7th in La Corogna CSI5* GP, 15th in Helsinki CSI5* GP, 16th in Helsinki CSI5* GPW, 16th Rotterdam CSIO5* GP, ...

 In 2010, Copin has already got excellent results for the beginning of the international level : 1st in Welkenraedt CSI2* GP, 1st in Bratislava CSIO3* Nations Cup, 1st of a 1,45m class in Wiener Neustadt CSI3*, 1st of the 7/8 YO Nantes CSI3*, 4th in Bruxelles CSI2* GP, 4th in a 1,50m class in Wiener Neustadt CSI3*, 4th in Fontainebleau CSI2* GP, 5th of the Sires of the World in Mechelen CSI5*, 8th of La Corogne CSI5* GP, ...

In 2009, he is regularly placed in 7YO classes with Gregory Whateley : 2nd in Wisbecq CSI2*, 3rd in Vejer de la Frontera CSI3*, 3rd in Wisbecq CSI2*, 4th in Chantilly CSI4*, ...

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Copin van de Broy - CSIO5* AACHEN Grand Prix 2012

2011 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS - Nations Cup 1st round




He began breeding in
Belgium in 2005 and in France in 2011.
Despite a low number of mares covered at the beginning, the quality of his offspring is already impressive !

Aparte de Bioagrico, Artemis du Mabiet 4YO Champion of Belgium 2010, Bonaparte vp Wisbecq Champion of the 5 YO and Champion of the 6YO in Canada, Dino van de Kapel 24ème and Carolus van de Kapel 25ème of the 4YO Belgium 2010 Championships, Cannonball du Toultia Z stallion, Caraibes du Toultia ISO 138, Carmen du Toultia ISO 122, Challenger du Toultia Z ISO 110, Cheri de Papignies ISO 114, Chopin du Château Hollogne Z winner of the 2012 belgium 4YO classic cycle, the stallion Come Back Z Champion of Belgium 2012, Cover Girl du Toultia Z, Cowboy du Toultia Z ISO134 one of the best 5YO in France in 2013, Daytona du Toultia winner of the 4YO classic cycle in Belgium 2013, Deinik Ar Mammik ISO 129, Deliciosa ISO126, Destinee du Prelat ISO122, Duchesse d'Harmonie ISO 110, Durocasse du Sey ISO 118, Dayane du Sey ISO123, Daydream de Riverland ISO 117, Elinka de Riverland ISO 111, Elite de Mazin ISO 113, Energumene du Gue ISO 113..

Pictures of Copin van de Broy's offspring with video links for some of them :

Artemis du Mabiet
Copin vd Broy x Landjuwel St-Hubert

Video Carolus
vd Kapel
6 YO

Copin vd Broy x Indoctro

Cannonball du Toultia Z

Copin van de Broy x Eros Platière

vd Kapel
5 YO

Copin vd Broy x Emilion

Come Back Z

Copin vd Broy x Rif du Crocq

Chuck von der Held
Copin van de Broy x Denver

Cowboy du Toultia Z

Copin vd Broy x Eros Platière

Cannonball du Toultia Z
Copin van de Broy x Héros Platière

Cotina Z
Copin van de Broy x Zeoliet

Bonaparte VP Wisbecq
par Copin van de Broy - USA

Cannonball du Toultia

Copin x Héros Platière

Chopin du Chateau Hollogne Z

Copin van de Broy x Non Stop

Gently Cézanne von der Held
Copin van de Broy x Sandro

Daytona du Toultia
Copin vd Broy x Heros Platière

Cheops du Toultia
Copin vd Broy x Heros Platière

Cannonball du Toultia

Copin x Héros Platière

Diamant du Bocage
Copin vd Broy x Brandy de la Cour

Calista du Toultia
Copin vd Broy x Héros Platière

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Copin brings to his offspring : size, lot of strength, good locomotion, soft mouth, a great canter and a lot of ease !
We advise to bring him mares with enough blood and chic.
Copin is homozygote, so he produces only bay horses or grey or piebald depending on the mares, but not any chestnut ones.


You can bring your mare to France for being inseminated. The mares are inseminated with frozen semen.

Last frozen semen available !

2019 conditions : 1500 euros at reservation

Towards foreign countries, we can send you the semen directly or through our brokers if there is one who works for us in your country. For all information, feel free to contact us by email :

Copin has got a good fertility rate.



ISO : Showjumping Index
ICC : Eventing Index
IDR : Dressage Index
IE : exported horses ranked in international classes CSI /CSIO / CSIW
100 to 120 : Good
120 to 140 : Very Good
140 to 160 : Excellent
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