Holstein Stallion, also approved SF, AES, Z, ZfDP
Brown Bay - 1.74 m - 2008 -CSI5* - BSO+1
Breeder : M. Diedrichsen (Germany)
Owned by
Frans Lens and Ludo Philippaerts (Belgium)


You are looking forward a good son of the famous Casall ?

Here is one with a dreamful pedigree : Casall x Lord x Cor de la Bryère
with an exceptional dam line
and an arrival at 9YO at the top of the showjumping scene,

that's the right time to use this up-and-coming sire !


, his sire:

Legendary Champion , Casall will remain in the
showjumping history with an impressive 15 victories
in 1,60m Grand Prix CSI5* and rankings in all the big championships of the last past years under the saddle of Rolf-Goran Bengtsson.

Casall rises up the ladder of the World Sires rankings. He was placed 4th in the WBFSH jumping sire ranking 2016. Several horses of the offspring of Casall are international showjumpers like Casello, who has done OG at Rio with his rider Ludger Beerbaum and some stallions approved like Zavall VDL CSIO5*, Caracas CSIO5*, etc.

Casall, his sire

CALETTA VIII, his dam, has also produced many performers in CSO like L-Cinderella CSI 1,50m, Never Forget CSO 1,40m and Camiro 19, who has done, under the saddle of Tony André Hansen, OG at Pékin and was among the best ones during the Championnships of Europe, World Cups, WEG or others CSI5*.

The sisters of Chilli Willi have also very well produced :
One star is also
the dam of Glock's Cognac Champblanc, performer in World Cup, European Championnships and CSIO5* with his rider Gerco Schröder.
Katja I has produced the stallion Cardoso, CSO 1,50m.
Hadida is also the dam of
Carlucci CSI 1,60m, Cantona 14 CSO 1,40m, etc.


RASAR, his 2nd dam, has also produced several Champions :

1989 Delphine
1993 Naomi Greenfield
2003 Dream of India Greenfield, CSIO5* 160, WEG 2014 with Peter Devos
1990 La Corda
1994 La Printsa, CSO 135
2003 Berlin 10, CSI 145
2003 Love of Prinzi, CSO 150
2004 Laroxx, Bavar stallion, CSO 130
2003 Cadence de Preuilly Z, CSI 140, ISO 137
2004 Quartz de Preuilly, CSI 160, ISO 161
2005 Rubis de Preuilly, SF stallion, CSIO5* 160, ISO167
2008 Bella de Preuilly Z, CSI 140, ISO 138
  2012 Confidence d'Ass, ISO 149
2009 Locardo de Preuilly Z, ISO 121
2011 Ballade de Preuilly, ISO 122
2011 Beach Boy Semilly, ISO 129
1993 Hasar
1997 Milvar
2000 Tin Tin, CSI 160

Dream of India Greenfield


BASAR, his 3rd dam,has also prduced :

1986 Alpha II
1992 Galatea
1996 Lilli Marlen, CSI 160
1988 Causa II
1992 Gangstern
  2004 Colonel 42, CSI 140
1998 Carlotta, CSI 160
1982 Urfa II
1986 Corner, Holst stallion
1989 Landcap B , Bavar stallion
1989 Lundcup B, Berl-Brand stallion
1991 Fanessa II
1995 Capriola Van de Helle, CSIO5*
1993 Conte Capitol, CSO 135
1994 Ilka V
  1998 Rivaro, CSI 140


Camiro 19, his brother

Glock's Cognac Champblanc

Rubis de Preuilly

Tin Tin

Capriola Van de Helle





In 2018, Chilli Willi, wins the Grand Prix CSI5* in Chantilly, he also wins a 1,60m class in Rotterdam CSIO5* and he also participated at the WEG in Tryon and finish 21th. He is also placed 5th of CSI5* of Praha, 8th of the GP CSI5* in Geneva, 9th of the GP and 3rd of a 1,60m class in Samorin CSIO5*, 6th of a 1,60m class in Hambourg CSI5*, 10th of a 1,60m class in Mexico CSI5*, etc.

Chilli Willi - Winner of the 1,60m Grand Prix CSI5* Chantilly 2018

At only 9YO, Chilli Willi has already found his place at the top of the showjumping scene. With his rider, Nicola Philippaerts, the new Champion of Belgium 2017 has been placed 3rd of the 1,60m GP CSI5* GTC Miami, 4th of the 1,60m GP CSI5* Lausanne, 5th of the 1,60m GP CSI5* Bordeaux, 6th of the 1,60m GP CSI5* London, 6th of a 1,55m class in Madrid CSI5*, 6th of a 1,55m class in Mexico CSI5*, winner of the Nations Cups in Lisbon, etc.

Chilli Willi - 3rd of the 1,60m Grand Prix CSI5* Miami 2017

Chilli Willi - 5th of the 1,60m Grand Prix CSI5* Bordeaux 2017 - jump off

Chilli Willi - 5th of the 1,60m Grand Prix CSI5* Bordeaux 2017

In 2016, he is 6th at the Sires or the World GP 1,50m at Lanaken, 2nd of the 6 poles at the CSIW5* at Mâlines, 3rd of a 1,50m at the CSI3* at Maastricht, 4th of a 1,45m at the CSI2* at Valkenswaard, 6th of a CSI for 6YO and 7YO at Bruxelles, 8th at Knokke, 3rd of the final at Villach Treffen, 12th at Hamburg, 2nd and 4th at Neumünster, etc.


At 7YO, he wins a class at the World Championships at Lanaken. He is also ranked 2nd at the GP Sires of World at the CSIW5* of Mechelen. In the 7YO classes, he is the winner at Beervelde, Bonhelden and Lummen, he is ranked 2nd and 7th at Arezzo, 4th at Villach Treffen and 6th of the GP, etc.

Chilli Willi - 7YO GP CSI Mechelen 2015



Begins breeding in Belgium in 2015 and in France in 2017.


Iyankee Semilly

Chilli Willi x Quaprice x Muguet du Manoir

Rollover K van't Kattenheye
Chilli Willi x Voltaire

Rollover K van't Kattenheye
Chilli Willi x Voltaire

It's Cool Semilly

Chilli Willi x Quick Star x Le Tot de Semilly

Iyankee Semilly

Chilli Willi x Quaprice x Muguet du Manoir

Risi van't Vlasmeer
Chilli Willi x Kilian van het Kluitenhof


Chilli Willi is a tall stallion with scope, reactivity and lot of strength, who comes from exceptionnal bloodlines, which gives many guarantees to the breeders.


You can bring your mare to France for being inseminated. In this case, the stud fee is divided in two parts :

2019 conditions : 300 euros at reservation + 1050 euros if the mare is pregnant (Live Foal Guarantee)
The mares are inseminated with frozen semen in deep AI.

It is also possible to send frozen semen to another french AI center (shipping costs to add).

Towards foreign countries, we can send you the semen directly or through our brokers if there is one who works for us in your country. For all information, feel free to contact us by email : contact@semilly.com

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ISO : Showjumping Index
ICC : Eventing Index
IDR : Dressage Index
IE : exported horses ranked in international classes CSI /CSIO / CSIW
100 to 120 : Good
120 to 140 : Very Good
140 to 160 : Excellent
160 and more : The Best