SF stallion Eligible to the young male genetic SF program
Chestnut - 1,69 M (16,3hh) - 2011 - BSO +19(0.59) - ISO 122
Breeder : Richard Levallois (Normandy)
Owned by S.C.E.A. Levallois - Haras de Semilly - 50680 Couvains



Boom Boom Semilly maximizes the different qualities
of the great European lines from which he comes from.
He has the fire and the carefulness of Ogano Sitte,
the strength and the great canter of the World Champion Cumano,
and the soundness and easiness of his excellent damline, one of the most famous
SF bloodline from which also come from several showjumping champions !



OGANO SITTE, his sire :

Son of one of the Best stallions in the World Darco and the excellent dam line of Gute Sitte, Bronze Medal at Montréal O.G., sacred Best Horse of the World in 1976 and from which also come from several winners.

Reknowned for his winning mood, Ogano had a very good international showjumping career with Dominique Hendrix.

Ogano Sitte is already ranked among the best sires worldwide.

Ogano Sitte, son père

NUIT DE REVE SEMILLY, his dam, showed her abilities in the young horses classes and as been used as a broodmare then as she was a rare filly of the World Champion Cumano, reknown to be an excellent dam sire. Her first offspring : After Eight Semilly ISO125, ranked among the best 5 YO in the French 2015 Championships and then exported to England. Bloom Of Semilly up-and-coming top showjumper exported to Switzerland, Cool Dream Semilly exported to UAE, Day Dream Semilly exported to Germany, etc.

Nuit de Reve Semilly, his dam

Cumano, his dam sire

O MAGALIE, his 2nd dam,
has also produced :

1987 Vasco du Tertre, ISO 120
1988 Astrée des Grés, ISO 121
1995 Habanera des Grez
2000 Marcotte des Grez, ISO 134
2002 Origène des Grez, ISO 119
2005 Rolf des Grez, ISO 152, CSI 150
2006 Septime des Grez, ISO 138
2009 Victorio des Grez, ISO 134
1996 Indigo des Grez, ISO 122
1996 Iris des Grez, ISO 160
1998 Khan des Grez, ISO 157, stallion
2000 Malinka des Grez
2004 Quadrie des Grez, ISO 132
2007 Tulear des Grez, ISO 134
2007 Tzara des Grez, ISO 121
2001 Nazca des Grez, ISO 122
2004 Querouef de Blondel, ISO 126
1995 Haiti Boy, ISO 133
1996 Isis Girl, ISO 132
1997 Joli Jumper Boy, ISO 137
1999 Liakhov de Semilly, ISO 126

KALINKA GIRLS, his 3rd dam, has also produced :

1981 Présidentielle
1990 Candidat II, ISO 153, CSI 150
1991 Dollars Boy, ISO 160, stallion
1993 Fidgie Girl, ISO 157
  2007 Tara Boy, ISO 121
2008 Ulisse Boy, ISO 124
1995 Happy Girls, ISO 146
2008 Uranus Boy, ISO 147
2009 Vangoth des Besnards, ISO 149
2010 Almé des Besnards, ISO 124
2002 Ogunette Girl, ISO 110
2006 Stella Lyght, ISO 157, CSI 155
2008 Uranie Girl, ISO 128

MAGALI, his 4th dam, has also produced :

1960 Qu'Elle Est Belle D
1975 Jesabelle, ISO 135
1962 Son Altesse
1968 Castille VI, ISO 134
1965 Valseuse
1975 Janita
1984 Sassafras, ISO 138
1985 Talisman II, stallion
1977 La Rirette
1988 Archias Gesmeray, ISO 145
1989 Bagheera Gesmeraye, ISO 156
1992 Eclipse Gesmeray, ISO 137
1968 Corolys, ISO 143
1979 Nelson de Cheux, ISO 142
1981 Prélude de Cheux, stallion
1983 Reine de Cheux
1991 Diamant de Cheux, stallion
1985 Trésor de Cheux, stallion
1987 Vorolys de Chaux
  1994 Gentleman Malouin, stallion
1969 Danae
1973 Hilda du Mesnil
1978 Marly du Mesnil, ISO 161
1974 Illiade
1981 Produit de Cheux, ISO 134, IE SO
1975 Jabad, étalon
1977 Liane d'Or, ISO 151
1979 Nika du Nevada, ISO 123
1986 Uhlan du Roihinet, ISO 137, IE SO
1980 Ocarinetta
1989 Baucis d'Helby, IE SO
1993 Feria d'Helby, ISO 145
1985 Tramontane, ISO 144
1989 By Love Sebioune, ISO 141
1996 Iridium Sebioune, étalon
1998 Knockando Sebioune, ISO 149
2003 Pepper Blue Sebioune, ISO 134, stallion
1986 Utopia du Roihinet, ISO 120
1995 Harem du Fraigneau, ISO 153
1998 Kiwi du Fraigneau, ISO 173, stallion, CSI 160
1999 La Violette's Legacy, ISO 132
1989 Betty de Kreisker
1993 Fakir de Kreisker, ISO 140, stallion
1995 Helisa de Kreisker, ISO 152, IE SO
1997 Jumpy de Kreisker, ISO 164, CSI 160
1998 Kirfa de Kreisker, ISO 171, IE SO, stallion
1999 Liberto de Kreisker, ISO 150, CSI 150
2002 Once de Kreisker, ISO 171
2004 Quisling de Kreisker, ISO 147, CSI 160
1971 Fend l'Air, étalon
1973 Hardie Petite
1977 Lady de la Hurie, ISO 135
1981 Princesse Hurie, ISO 117
1995 Hannah La Ina, ISO 143, IE SO
1985 Teurthevillais, ISO 151, IE SO, stallion
1986 Urbain de la Hurie, ISO 138
1991 De La Hurie
2003 Prem' Dollar Boy, ISO 152, CSI 150
1974 Iratus Magali, ISO 147, IE SO
1979 Nagali
1986 Up Girl, ISO 129
1997 Jasmin de Fontvert, ISO 151
1987 Vestale For Ever, ISO 113
1994 Gipsy de Badon, ISO 144
1996 Isara de Badon, ISO 134
1988 Almee For Ever
  1995 Lurioso For Ever, CSI 160
1989 Bilitis For Ever
2001 Nardeto du Moulin, ISO 140
1990 Calypso For Ever
1998 Kedehop de Brève, ISO 152, CSi 160
1993 Fantine V
1998 Flo, ISO 135
1994 Girondine II
1998 Kismy de Batilly, ISO 143
1999 Loops de Batilly, ISO 165, CSI5*
1999 Lucky de Batilly, ISO 147
1995 Hatchoum, ISO 141, étalon
1998 Kalemero, ISO 130

Rolf des Grez

Iris des Grez

Khan des Grez


Stella Lyght


Kiwi du Fraigneau

Jumpy de Kreisker

Kirfa de Kreisker

Once de Kreisker



Etoupe II

Leprince de Thurin

SON ALTESSE, his 5th dam, is an exceptionnal broodmare at the base of one the best Selle Français dam line, from which many international winners come from like : Belle de Thurin, Tilbury de Thurin, Nolis de Thurin, Pin Up de Thurin, Paralpha, Talisco, Syrie de Thurin ISO142, Kiki de Thurin ISO150, Alpha D ISO161, Peluche du Baney ISO156, Pamplière ISO144, Baladine IV ISO145, Etoupe II ISO161, Nade de l'Amplière ISO153, etc ...
and also many approved stallions like : Leprince de Thurin, Echo de Thurin, Gloum, Jeton de Thurin, Ocelot de Thurin, Duc de Thurin, Ut de Thurin, Quartalpha, Elath d'Altenbach, etc.



 In 2019, Boom Boom is placed 10th of the 1,40m Grand Prix in Auvers, 3rd of the 1,35m Grand Prix in Sainte Mere and 3rd of the 1,35m Grand Prix in Greville.

Boom Boom Semilly - 1,40m Grand Prix - Auvers 2019

Boom Boom Semilly 3rd Grand Prix Pro2 - Saint Mère l'Eglise 2019

Boom Boom Semilly 3rd Grand Prix Pro2 - Greville 2019


 In 2018, Boom Boom finished 8th of GP 1.30m (Pro 2) Greville-Hague and 5th of Pro 3 speed class in St Sauveur.

 In 2016, Boom Boom qualified for the 5YO Championships of France in Fontainebleau.

 Boom Boom Semilly is one of the best French showjumper of his generation. He realized a very regular 4 YO season with a young rider, with 9 clear rounds above 12. He is 3rd of the Inter-Regional Championship of Normandy and with a double clear-round in Fontainebleau, he finishes : 9th of the 4YO French Championships, certified Excellent.



Boom Bomm Semilly begins breeding in 2016.

SF stallion Eligible to the young male genetic SF program

BSO +19(0,59)


Boom Boom Semilly maximizes the different qualities of the great european lines from which he comes from.
Boom Boom was found to have the fire and the carefulness of Ogano Sitte, the strength and the great canter of the World Champion Cumano, and the soundness and easiness of his excellent dam line, one of the most famous SF dam line from which comes from several showjumping champions !

He should crosses well with not too tall cute mares.


You can bring your mare to France for being inseminated. In this case, the stud fee is divided in two parts :

2019 conditions : 300 euros at reservation + 300 euros if the mare is pregnant (Live Foal Guarantee)

At Haras de Semilly, the inseminations and scans are included.

It is also possible to send frozen semen to another french AI center (shipping costs to add).

Towards foreign countries, we can send you the semen directly or through our brokers if there is one who works for us in your country. For all information, feel free to contact us by email : contact@semilly.com

The doses' quality is certified by Eurogen and Boom Boom Semilly's semen presents a very good fertility rate.




ISO : Showjumping Index
ICC : Eventing Index
IDR : Dressage Index
IE : exported horses ranked in international classes CSI /CSIO / CSIW
100 to 120 : Good
120 to 140 : Very Good
140 to 160 : Excellent
160 and more : The Best