Oldenbourg stallion approved SF and also KWPN, Holst, Z, Hann, ISH,
and AES

Bay - 1,66 m (16,2hh) - 1994 - CSIO5* - OG
Born in Germany and managed by Michel Spaas - Belgium


ARKO III : The all-time best showjumper !
Amazing with Nick Skelton, this wonderful stallion
, such handsome and clever,
is the best son of Argentinus.
Even though he began lately his real stallion career when he stopped competiting, Arko already produced some international winners like Argento and is regularly placed among the best sires of young showjumpers.




ARGENTINUS, his sire :

He was acknowledged to be the best son of his sire Argentan I and sired over 400 showjumping horses in Germany alone as well as 27 graded stallions worldwide.

He was Champion Oldenburg and Hannoverian Stallion of the year.

He was until recently when he passed away the most successful stallion in Germany with progeny winnings of 3.5 million Euro's !


Argentinus' offspring distinguishes itself in breeding shows, jumping and dressage competitions. He counts more than 30 approved stallions and many awarded mares. Among his most wellknowned progeny, we'll remember besides Arko III the horse of Nick Skelton's come back (2004 OG) : Aramis, born in 1984, the first one who arrived at the highest level ; Autogramm, born in 1985, great Grand Prix and Nations Cups winner ; Anka, winner of the 2003 Worl Cup with M. Ehning ; Albano, team gold medal at the 2001 European Championships with H.Kemmer, 3rd of the 2003 dressage World Cup ; Grace Argentina, internationale winner with L. Beerbaum ; Air Jordan, CSI (winner of 1,5 million Euros) ; and also Armitage, Azzaro, Anastasia III, Asti Spumanti, Adlantus As, Atlantys by Wisbecq, etc.

UNIKA, his 1st dam :
Directly used as a broodmare, she has also produced :
Amati P.M.S., Arko's full sister, winner of 1,45m classes (S**-Springen) and dam of the SF stallion Tsunami de Hus ISO 154,
Arka and Quinta P.M.S., two other sisters, winners of 1,35m classes and
Arko ESI, Arko's full brother, who achieved the highest price for a foal sold through a German auction 130,000 Euros !

Unika's sire, the Dutch-bred Oldenburg stallion Beach Boy (Nurzeus / Lucky Boy xx), has been incorporated into the breeding programme of the Swedish State Stud at Flyinge. He has sired 8 graded sons who are already making a name for themselves and his own progeny includes the 1991 Oldenburg performance test champion Brandenburger, the international showjumper Beach Game and the international eventers Beach Star and Feldschwalbe.

UNIQUE, his 2nd dam :
She has a 3/4 french bloodline here we find back the famous thoroughbreds Le Mioche xx and Monceaux xx.
Directly used as a broodmare, she has also produced :
, World Cup Eventing with Peter Thomson
and two other horses : Masur 53 and Classic 15 who won 1,35 m classes.

The real power behind the success of Arko III is established in the lineage of the mother, namely mare lineage 002. This wide spread family is the base of a long list of international show jumpers : Now or Never (Piet Raymakers), Alanda (Pieter Kersten), Opium (Marcus Ehning), It’s the Business (Goeff Glazzard), Friso (Guido Dominici) and the legendary Darco, who took a 6th place at the World Championship in Stockholm (1990), a 7th place at the Olympic Games in Barcelona (1992) and produced several CSI winners, ranked now World Best Stallion of showjumpers.



Arko III will remain in all memories as an extraordinary showjumper. Under the saddle of Nick Skelton, he stayed for 7 years at the Top International level, always present at the major shows, World Cups, European Championships and Olympic Games (10th at Athens in 2004).

188 international rankings
10 times Winner of GP CSIO-CSIW !

Ranked Best Horse of the World in 2004 and 2005

His achievements are too numerous to list all, but some of his more notable performances include :
 in 2002, 2nd of Chester CSI-B GP, 3rd of Birmingham CSI-A GP, 4th of Vilamoura CSI-A GP, 6th of Liegi CSI-A GP, etc.
 in 2003, 1st in London CSI-W, 1st of Leeuwarden CSI GP, 1st in Hickstead CSIO, 2nd of  Belfast CSI GP, 2nd of Birmingham CSI GP, 2nd in Calgary CSIO, 2nd in Dublin CSIO, 3rd of Geesteren CSI GP, 3rd of  Rome CSIO GP, 4th of Cannes CSI GP, 4th in Saint Galles CSIO, 7th of  Verona CSI-W World Cup GP, etc.
 in 2004, 1st of Sheffield CSI GP, 2nd of London CSI-W GP, 2nd in Rome CSIO, 2nd of Amsterdam CSI-W World Cup GP, 3rd of Paris CSI GP, 3rd of Syracuse World Cup GP,  3rd in Dublin CSIO, 3rd of Vejer de la Frontera CSI GP, 4th in La Baule CSIO, 6th of Calgary CSIO GP, 6th of  Cannes CSI GP, etc.
 in 2005, 1st in Dublin CSIO, 1st of Calgary CSIW World Cup GP, 1st in Rome CSIO, 1st of  Lipsia CSI-W World Cup GP, 2nd of Toronto CSI-W GP, 2nd of Las Vegas CSI GP, 2nd of Calgary CSIO GP, 2nd of  Sheffield CSI GP, 3rd of Toronto CSI-W World Cup GP, 3rd of Europa's Price in Aachen CSIO, 3rd in Calgary CSI, 3rd of Amsterdam CSI-W World Cup GP, 5th of Washington CSI-W World Cup GP, 5th of  Göteborg CSI-W GP, 5th of  Paris CSI-W World Cup GP, 5th of Bordeaux CSI-W GP, 8th of Dublin CSIO GP, etc.
 in 2006, 1st of Lucerna CSIO GP, 1st of Rome CSIO GP, 1st in Dubai CSI-W, 2nd of Cannes CSI GP, 2nd in Rome CSIO, 2nd of Wellington CSI-W World Cup GP, 3rd of Dubai CSI-W GP, etc.
 in 2007, 1st of Estoril CSI GP, 2nd of London CSIW World Cup GP, 2nd of Athens CSI GP, 2nd of Valkenswaard CSI GP, 6th of Calgary CSIO GP, 8th of Rome CSIO GP, etc.
 in 2008, 1st of Calgary CSIO GP, 1st in Dublin CSIO, 1st of Grobbendonk CSI GP, 2nd of Valkenswaard CSI GP, 3rd of La Coruña CSI GP, 3rd of Estoril CSI GP, 3rd in Aachen CSIO, 3rd of La Baule CSIO GP, 6th of Arezzo CSI GP, 6th of Cannes CSI GP,  8th of Montecarlo CSI GP, 8th of Hamburg CSI GP, etc.

"Arko is
says Nick Skelton.
"He was the only reason of my coming back to competition in 2001 after my accident. I thought that this young horse was a crack and he became one ! He had everyhting we dream for a top sport horse.
He was amazing !"

"With Arko, it was more flowing than with Big Star, reminds Philippe Guerdat. I loved this horse. Together, they were closed to perfection."
Cf. Article Grand Prix Magazine may 2014



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When he was sith Nick Skelton, Arko III has only been used lightly at stud as his rider didn't want to mix competition and stalion careers, but has sired some very impressive offspring who have already produced some wonderful performances and even if he has for the moment only few products older enough to compete at high level, Arko is already ranked among the best sires of jumpers in the World WBFSH rankings ! (68th in the sires rankings WBFSH 2015)

His best offspring includes the approved stallions : Argento, very good stallion regularly ranked in international with John Whitaker, winner of GP CSI5* Chantilly 2018, winner of GP CSI5* Hong Kong 2015 and GP CSI4* Amsterdam 2014. Argento was placed for few months n°1 and finished 4th best showjumper in the World in 2015 !
Arko's offspring is also remarked through his approved stallions : Arkida, Champion of England of the 5 YO ; Arkan, the full brother of Lilibet, AES approved stallion ; Arkanza Z, Arkino Z ISO133, ... and the showjumpers : Arko Junior PMS, Miss Arko, remarked mare in the english young horses classes ; Lilibet who represented England in the 2007 Young Horses World Championships ; Alfie VIII, Aristio (3th CSIO5* Barcelona 2018, 2nd GP CSI 3* Harthill Bolesworth 2014), Arla, Shark (2nd CSI4* Toronto 2018) , Jakarta Royale D.S., Kosmo van hof ter Boone, etc.

Argento (Arko x Gasper) - Winner of the 1,60m Grand Prix in Amsterdam CSI4* 2014

Aristio (Arko) - 2014

Arko III began breeding in France in 2009. His first offspring began to be remarked in France : Arko was placed among the best sires of young horses in the French Championships 2015 in Fontainebleau (4th of the sires of 4YO).
Among his best offspring indexed in France : Antigone de Jalesne ISO130, Argentine Mondaine ISO120, Aribo de Cantraie ISO125, Arka de Maurepas ISO120, Arkan Z ISO128, Arkino Z ISO133, Arko du Temple ISO139, Arrogant un Prince ISO129, Athena de Bavoz ISO121, Baltazar du Bust ISO148, Bayard Condéen ISO132, Beasty Boy du Désert ISO120, Bel Arko de Laume ISO137, Bellini de Jennika ISO126, Bora des Fontaines ISO128, Bounabeth Latour ISO125, Brigitte ISO 130, Calisto d'Emiralia ISO 125, Caprice d'Elle ISO134, Caraibes Semilly ISO 132, Cheyenne Gerbaux ISO 139, Coccinelle d'Anfa ISO126, Crinsel Duverie ISO137, Cuzco Semilly ISO 125, Dadja de Moricerie ISO128, Darko du Val Henry ISO126, Darwin des Ailes ISO 123, Diaboline ISO 121, Djack Daniel ISO 124, Dopamine de Vains ISO 127, Faiza B ISO130, Kosmo Van Hof Ter Boone ISO 129, Larko de Laubry ISO 122, Lennox de l'Espoir ISO138, Vendome d'Ick ISO140, VIP d'Eté ISO131, etc.

Arkida (Arko x Fruehlingsball)

Argento (Arko x Gasper)

Arkino Z (Arko x Caretino)

Beasty Boy du Désert (Arko x Robin II)

Lilibet (Arko x Kannan)

Miss Arko (Arko x Laramee)

Bellarko (Arko x Shinning Star Semilly par Ivory Star)

Arko Semilly (Arko x Keops du Vinnebus)

Athena de Bavoz (Arko x Rox de la Touche) Reach the owner

Argentine Mondaine (Arko x Galoubet A)

Adriano vh Scheefkasteel Z (Arko x Diamant de Semilly)

Arko Semilly (Arko x Keops du Vinnebus)

Cambera (Arko x Hurlevent)

Artemis Z (Arko x Chin Chin)

Bloom de Cantraie
(Arko x Caretino)

Liostro St-Benoît (Arko x Ogano Sitte)

Booster Semilly
(Arko x Le Tot de Semilly)

Cookaï Semilly
(Arko x Calypso d'Herbiers)

Aristio (Arko)

Dynamite Semilly
(Arko x Quidam de Revel)

Brigitte (Arko x Chasseur I)

Cabriole de Cantraie (Arko x Caretino)

Doux Reve d'Argonne (Arko x Quite Easy)

Caraïbes Semilly
(Arko x Diamant de Semilly)

Arkino Z (Arko x Caretino)

VIP d'Eté (Arko x Melkior du Montois)

Disco Semilly
(Arko x Keops du Vinnebus)

Coccinel d'Anfa
(Arko x Apache d'Adriers)

Crinsel Duverie
(Arko x Kannan)

Bel Arko de l'Aume
(Arko x Reve d'Elle)

Caraibes Semilly
(Arko x Diamant de Semilly)

Beasty Boy du Désert (Arko x Robin II Z) Contact the owner
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Arko brings his beautiful type to his offspring which is usually very chic with a long neck, an expressive head and strong hind quarters. Arko also brings his strength, his scope, an excellent technique and a good temperament.
We recommend him mares not too heavy and with enough blood.


You can bring your mare to France for being inseminated. In this case, the stud fee is divided in two parts :

2019 conditions : 300 euros at reservation + 1200 euros if the mare is pregnant (Live Foal Guarantee)

It is also possible to send frozen and/or chilled semen to another AI center (shipping costs to add).

Towards foreign countries, we can send you the semen directly or through our brokers if there is one who works for us in your country. For all information, feel free to contact us by email : contact@semilly.com

The semen of Arko that we sell has been made by us and the doses' quality is certified by Eurogen. Arko's semen presents a very good fertility rate.



ISO : Showjumping Index
ICC : Eventing Index
IDR : Dressage Index
IE : exported horses ranked in international classes CSI /CSIO / CSIW
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120 to 140 : Very Good
140 to 160 : Excellent
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